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Forget fireworks for a moment.

Audrey Roloff rang in July Fourth weekend with an explosive bombshell of her own, one that did NOT frighten the living you-know-what out of every dog in the neighborhood.

There was no potential for injury from Audrey, either, not when she and husband Jeremy simply took to Instagram in order to announce the following:

Roloffs on July 4


Jeremy confirmed this blessed news by sharing a video of himself, his wife and his two kids celebrating, while posting as a caption:

Our family’s growing! Maybe I can convince Audrey to get a minivan now?

Added Audrey on her own page: We’re about to be a family of 5!

Photo via Instagram

Fans immediately took to the accounts of these expecting parents and showered them with praise, support and the very best of wishes.

Others, meanwhile, grew anxious for more details.

Do Audrey and Jeremy know which gender is on the way?!?

Perhaps, but neither half of the couple has shared it yet with followers if so.

Audrey Roloff Gets Kissed

What is Audrey’s due date?

We can’t say exactly at the moment, but Audrey did add to her confirmation with this sentence on Saturday, July 3:

"Our little tie breaker is coming this November."

So there you mostly have it!

Roloffs on Easter 2021

Based on some quick math, this means that Audrey is about halfway through her pregnancy.

You can see a very clear baby bump in the first photo posted above and, if past pregnancies are any indication, you’ll be seeing many more Audrey Roloff baby bumps as her due date draws closer.

She and Jeremy left Little People, Big World in 2018, but make it clear at the time that folks had not seen the last of them.

"We’re not disappearing. We have a lot of exciting stuff in the works and are eager to continue the work that the Lord has called us to," Jeremy explained about three years ago.

Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff Promote Their Marital Advice

Since that time?

The couple has written two books and started a podcast.

They’ve also continued to parent three-year old Ember and 18-mont old Bode.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff in a Car
Photo via Instagram

"One of my favorite moments ever. Ember meeting Bode for the first time," Audrey wrote after her son was born.

"She is just the sweetest big sister already. We took some videos that I’m sure we’ll share in our stories soon. Jer and I can’t stop smiling and laughing at the things she says about him and to him.

"She’s so eager to take care of him and give him lots of lovies.

"Postpartum has been hard on my body, but cuddling with these precious little loves makes my heart so full. What an honor it is to be their mama."

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff and Their Book

Back in January 2021, Audrey also told Us Weekly that she and Jeremy had always wanted to keep making kids.

She said at the time that her body had healed after giving birth to Bode, previewing the pregnancy that has now arrived.

“We’ve always said we wanted to have a big family, and I do feel like my body [is] totally recovered now," she explained to the tabloid.

"I’m a year out. Bode — he just had his first birthday. So we want to have more kids sometime soon in the near future."

Audrey and Jeremy, 2 Kids
Photo via Instagram

That future is now the present for these polarizing personalities.

We continued to send positive thoughts Audrey’s way and we continue to be very happy about their big news.

But we also can’t help but wonder:

Why has no member of the Roloff family offered up any public congratulations just yet?