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… and then there were three.

On Monday evening, Katie Thurston did not host a Rose Ceremony.

And yet, despite the night being dedicated to the annual Men Tell All special, this Bachelorette did have to say goodbye to one of her favorite suitors.

Following an emotional phone call with his son, widower Michael Allio told Katie that he simply had to go home; he had to go be with the young child.

thurston final 4

So we’re now down to three contestants who will take Thurston to their hometowns next week: Greg Grippo, Blake Moynes and Justin Glaze.

The suspense is building.

For those who don’t bother to read through any Bachelorette spoilers, that is.

We actually have a pretty good idea of just how things will play out over Katie’s final few weeks, thanks to the Interrnet and a bunch of anonymous moles.


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Does Katie Thurston sleep with anyone in the Fantasy Suites?

Yes. We have it on very good authority that she likely sleeps with all three men.

“I have sex in the fantasy suites, so you heard it here first,” Thurston previously told Entertainment Tonight. “We all know it happens, but no one’s talking about it!

“I’m embracing who I am, and if a guy can’t accept me being sex-positive or talking about sex, it’s just not gonna work out."

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How does Greg Grippo get sent home?

In fiery and ugly fashion, according to Reality Steve.

The spoiler expert recently documented how Grippo will grow irate at Thurston for keeping these other guys around, blasting The Bachelorette for not fully committing to him — and only him.

Greg and Katie will engage in what Steve describes as "the worst fight we’ve ever seen on this show.”

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There will be crying, there will be screaming and it will be a general "sh-t show," teased this reality show guru.

"It’s a meltdown apparently," wrote Steve on his blog of how Grippo confronts Thurston over her actions with Blake and Justin.

The argument goes back and forth and back and forth, with both sides storming off at various points. The fight lasts "for hours," Steve alleges.

Eventually, Grippo chooses to leave the show — which does jibe with what we saw in one of the early-season previews, which depictued a flustered Katie and a very upset Greg, running from the cameras.

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Okay. So who does Katie choose?

Blake Moynes.

Sorry for the abrupt answer.

We did warn you about spoilers, though, and we did previously break the news that Moynes wins this season.

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During an appearance on the Chicks in the Office podcast last month, Thurston said she knew who Moynes was before he joined her season of The Bachelorette.

(Blake was a contestant on both Clare Crawley’s season of the series, along with that of Tayshia Adams.)

“I will say coming off my season with Matt, people were really shipping [Blake] and I before…So I was a little familiar with who he was and his background,” Katie admitted.

Still, when he showed up after the third rose ceremony, Katie claims she was “shocked.”

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Katie added in an interview with Us Weekly:

“I definitely knew who he was, which also Tayshia’s ex-boyfriend! So that’s weird.

"We had chatted before, but usually what happens is, like, the guys will reach out to the women once they’re eliminated and be like, ‘Good luck, you did great.’ Like very generic, you know?

"And so to see him, I was like, ‘Why is he here?’ Like, ‘What’s happening?’”

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Are Katie and Moynes engaged?


"Katie definitely got engaged at the end of this," Reality Steve wrote weeks ago.

"And unless she breaks up before the finale, which I guess anything can happen, but she’s happy and engaged as we speak, so I’d expect that to last till the finale you’d think.”

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So there you have it!

Will Thurston and Moynes actually make it down the aisle?

There’s a question, dear readers, to which we don’t have an answer right now.