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Despite her on-screen suffering, Erika Jayne has been tweeting up a storm in her own defense.

It looks like she has moved past her initial sadness and onto the anger phase of what she’s going through.

After previously roasting "clown-ass attorneys" coming for her, she has moved on to new targets.

Trolls who accuse her of complicity in her ex’s alleged crimes are getting an earful from Erika.

Erika Jayne on RHOBH

Erika Jayne noted that some of her critics who are freely dishing it out sure can’t take it — because they block her.

"Why block people or limit who can or cannot comment?" she tweeted.

"Either say it or not," Erika suggested. 

"F–k those who can’t take it," Erika proclaimed.

Alongside that message, she shared a gif.

The gif reads: "You’re just an overgrown ORANGUTAN."

Erika Jayne Shares Painful Advice

"Can all the ‘lawyers’ on here commenting please do something productive like bill your clients?" Erika quipped in another tweet.

This is a tongue-in-cheek suggestion, as attorneys are expensive and a lot of legal work is structured around billable hours.

"This reality TV s–t it beneath you," she wrote. "Thanks."

One Twitter user attempted to clap back at Erika but may have misfired.

"I would work pro bono just to f–k you," the critic wrote, obviously meaning to f–k her over, not sex.

Erika replied: "You wanna f–k? Ewwww"

Of course, as you can see, some fans were concerned that Erika was engaging with trolls at all.

Reality stars have to maintain some degree of social media presence, of course. It’s all part of the brand.

But getting into spats with random nobodies on Twitter? That seems unhealthy.

And still, Erika’s war against her trolls continued.

"Nice try smartass," the pro bono volunteer wrote. "You know exactly what the f–k I am talking about."

"It would be a pleasure to help prosecute you, bitch," the Twitter user snarled.

Erika, observing that the user’s profile and display name are all about her dog, fired back.

"Stop hiding behind your dog, you bitch," Erika wrote.

"Call my son, a policeman, a pussy again and see how well you do," she challenged.

Erika Jayne Confesses

One can understand why Erika would feel defensive of her son, especially during this time of crisis for her.

But taking the bait might serve to encourage other trolls to try to get a rise out of her.

These are people with sad lives who hope to feel a thrill of power and control by ruining a famous person’s day.

But it also just doesn’t reflect well upon Erika’s mental and emotional state.

If what you’re seeing on Twitter is upsetting you and it’s not important (like the news), put it down for a bit.

Engaging with trolls is a trap into which any of us can fall, but it never looks good. It looks messy, in fact.

Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi at Dinner

The truth is that, whether or not she knew, could have known, or should have known, Erika’s life is a mess.

Tom Girardi is in a lot of trouble. Erika might be, too.

She should save that drama for Bravo’s cameras. She might need that reality TV paycheck like never before.