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Let’s be clear:

Erika Jayne has a lot more to worry about these days than her standing on a reality television show.

The veteran Bravo star could be in scalding hot legal water due to allegations that she and her estranged husband, Tom, teamed up to defraud Tom’s clients out of millions of dollars.

Jayne, Erika

As a quick refresher:

Jayne filed for divorce from Tom in November after 21 years of marriage, saying via statement at the time that "this is not a step taken lightly or easily," but that she still has "great love and respect" for her husband.

In the months since this filing, Tom has been caught up in a number ugly controversies.

Among the seemingly endless array of lawsuits he faces includes one in which the former couple have both been accused of embezzling money.

Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi Togetherr
Photo via BRAVO

Just last month, in fact, Jay Edelson — a lawyer who has filed a class action lawsuit against the spouses — alleged that Erika was "knee-deep" in a scheme to steal millions of dollars from Tom’s clients.

She’s accused of helping Tom pocket the settlement money owed to family members of victims of a 2018 Lion Air crash.

In other words:

Erika may have helped Tom steal money from those who lost loved ones in an airplane crash. It almost doesn’t get more abhorrent, does it?

Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi at Dinner
Photo via BRAVO

Jayne has not been charged with a crime and has denied all involvement in this alleged scam.

She has also denied that she only filed for divorce to hide the assets she’s accused of illegally obtaining.

Whether or not you believe Jayne (Editor’s Note: We absolutely do NOT.), one cannot deny that this isn’t your typical, kinda fun and trashy Real Housewives scandal.

This is very serious and, potentially, very disgusting of Erika and Jayne — if the allegations are valid.

Photo via BRAVO

As a result, producers are now discussing whether or not to keep Jayne around.

This has been a theme of late in general for Bravo, which recently chose not to sign Kelly Dodd, Braunwyn Windham-Burk or Elizabeth Vargas — all from The Real Housewives of Orange County — to new contracts.

"No one feels safe” when it comes to their futures with the netwoork, according to Life & Style, with two women in particular possibly in the crosshairs next.

Photo via BRAVO

“Heads are rolling, and no one feels safe, not the OGs, fan favorites or the newcomers,” an insider recently told this tabloid, adding:

“Lots of names are being tossed about, including Erika Jayne."

It’s hard to blame executives when we’re talking about someone who may have embezzled millions from orphans and widows.

It’s also hard to blame them if they decide to fire Jen Shah from The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, considering she’s actually been arrested for a fraud scehem of her own.

Jen Shah Gets Fancy

“Bravo has a list of their most problematic stars. Jen and Erika are at the top,” the magazine insider continued, explaining that “no one knows what their future holds…

“One minute you’re holding a diamond or a snowball, and the next, you’re looking for work."

And, in the case of these apparently awful individuals, you’re also looking for a good attorney.

Because you may deservedly be in a world of trouble!