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If you follow Jenelle Evans on any social media platform, you know that most of her content consists of either complaining or bragging.

You never know what’s in store from one day to the next, as it all depends on Jenelle’s famously fickle mood.

Some days, she’ll go from boasting to flexing to bishing and moaning within the span of a few hours.

And it seems that this is one of those weeks in which she’s all over the freakin’ map.

Jenelle Evans, Way Up Close

We’ve spoken before about how often Jenelle reveals more than she intended to with her Instagram posts.

And this week, it seems that she finally recognized the error of her ways and decided to dial it down a bit.

Yes, Jenelle announced on Wednesday that she’s planning on stepping away from Instagram and TikTok for a few days.

She says the reason is that she recently had her eyes dilated for an optometrist appointment, but as commenters have pointed out, the many physical ailments that Jenelle has complained of in the past never prevented her from posting.

(Nor does having three kids seem to take any time away from being a bad TikTok dancer slash "influencer’.)

Anyway, this is a big decision, as social media is Jenelle’s only source of income these days, and she just launched a new line of "merch," which she should probably be advertising on her pages.

We put "merch" in quotes because for some reason, Jenelle’s line of hooded sweatshirts (what’s mid-July without a brand new hoodie!) actually says the words "JE merch" on them.

They’re also emblazoned with a picture of a Powerpuff Girls character, which has to be some sort of trademark violation.

Also, why is that her chosen logo?

Is it supposed to look like Jenelle?

Jenelle Does Some Modeling

Speaking of Evans’ appearance, it seems those $50 hoodies are not her only method for putting food on the table these days.

In a recent Instagram Story, Jenelle modeled a pair of body-shaping leggings, and she made some big promises about the product.

Yuge promises, dude.

Namely, that she will shill for it all day every day, while totally ignoring her kids. (Kidding, but you gotta admit, you believed it.)

Evans pointed out her "snatched waist" and "lifted butt," and she told her followers that she says the leggings have given her.

In her mind, she’s inside an "instant perfect body."

Jenelle Evans YouTube Photo

So she finally found a product to shill for, which makes Jenelle’s social media hiatus even more suspicious.

Many of her followers aren’t buying Jenelle’s "dilated pupils" excuse.

More than a few of them think that there’s a more serious reason behind her decision to go off the grid.

One interesting theory is that Jenelle is stepping away from the socials on the advice of her legal counsel.

As you may remember, Jenelle is being sued by Deavan Clegg of 90 Day Fiance fame.

(It’s a hilarious feud in which both parties deserve each other.)

Deavan Clegg, Jenelle Evans Pic

Evans made a video in which she accused Deavan of stealing her Xanax when the two of them briefly worked on a now-defunct podcast together.

Considering there’s zero evidence behind that claim, this lawsuit has the potential to be seriously costly for Jenelle.

And since it was social media that got her into this mess, she may have decided it’s best that she take a break.

Whatever the case, an Instagram TikTok hiatus is one of the few smart decisions that Jenelle has made in recent years, and even some of her harshest critics have applauded the move.

"This is prob something u SHOULD have done about 5 yrs ago you dumbass," one person tweeted.

Jenelle Evans Video Still

"But we know you’ll be back in 3 days feeling just fine again so u can junk peddle some more period panties & take more photos of you being SUCH an amazing Mom on Insta. Feel better booboo," they added.

Yes, stepping away from the socials is one of the only savvy moves that Evans has ever made.

But something tells us she won’t be able to stay away for very long.