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Disgraced former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans accused Deavan Clegg of being a pill-stealing addict.

While anyone would be offended at that, 90 Day Fiance fans know how personal of an insult that is for Deavan.

Deavan is hitting back, accusing Jenelle of slander, of cyberstalking, and more.

These aren’t just fighting words, either. Deavan is suing her.

Deavan Clegg, Jenelle Evans Pic

To briefly recap, earlier this year, Deavan Clegg and Jenelle Evans were both going to be part of a new podcast.

The podcast, which is called Girl S$!t, was to include others, including Gabbie Egan.

At first, everyone involved was happily posting about the project — in order to promote it.

Photo via Instagram

But Deavan’s fans know that child safety — and the horrors of abuse — are important subjects to her.

They were shocked and horrified that Deavan would willingly associate with someone as awful as Jenelle, let alone her somehow even worse husband.

It turns out that Deavan was only posing for those happy pics with Jenelle because she just didn’t know anything about the other woman.

Deavan Clegg Snaps a Crop Top Selfie

When Deavan learned the truth about her new "friend," she was horrified.

It looks and sounds like she had already seen enough of what Jenelle and David were like that she didn’t doubt her suspicions, either.

(It probably helped that things like old social media posts and 911 call recordings from Jenelle are how we know so much about that twisted family)

Jenelle Talks Covid

Jenelle’s Girl S–t podcast (yes, that’s the project’s name) dreams were shattered.

In fact, it’s reported that Jenelle was kept out of the VIP area of the podcast’s launch celebration party.

Though it was widely reported that Deavan had gotten Jenelle fired — a positively heroic move — Jenelle claims that this is not the case.

Deavan Clegg Shows Off Freshly Plumped Lips

Jenelle has repeatedly and angrily insisted that she was never fired.

What’s more, she claims that the reports about her firing are behind Jenelle’s business troubles.

She teamed up with a number of other clowns to sue 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates for reporting on it.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason Backstage

Jenelle has also had a lot of obnoxious things to say about Deavan.

(Given Jenelle’s obvious and innate personality shortcomings, it’s not a surprise that she can’t disagree gracefully)

But when she accused Deavan of being an addict who allegedly stole Jenelle’s Xanax, she went way too far.

Deavan Clegg with Vibrant Eyes

Deavan is clapping back, as you can see in the accompanying video.

As Deavan’s fans already know, Deavan lost a close relative to a benzodiazepine dependency that became an overdose.

Someone like Jenelle, who almost died from a heroin overdose years ago, should know better than to joke about that kind of thing.

Jenelle Evans YouTube Photo

Deavan also shared her recollection of Jenelle and David drinking and having open containers of alcohol.

She added that Gabbie was allegedly a witness to this.

Presumably, this disturbing experience was a prelude to their true falling out, and likely made what Deavan heard about Jenelle more believable.

Photo via Instagram

Deavan is now gearing up to sue Jenelle for defamation and for cyberstalking, her publicist reveals.

She accuses Jenelle and also Gabbie of bullying and ganging up on her.

The 44-minute video that Jenelle posted, complete with the Xanax accusation, sound like they were the final straw.

Jenelle on Her TikTok

Deavan is said to be considering legal action against Gabbie.

Reportedly, Gabbie violated an NDA related to the podcast — or, at least, Deavan thinks that she did.

Deavan is hoping to hold those attacking her legally accountable.