Christine Brown Looks JUST Like Daughter Ysabel and Sister Wives Fans are Shook

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Sister Wives are pretty sure they're seeing double right about now.

Earlier this week, Christine Brown shared a precious family photo on Instagram.

It featured the reality star's daughters -- Truely, 11, and Ysabel, 18 -- all bundled up on the sofa in a blanket, holding sister Mykelti’s three-month-old daughter, Avalon.

"We were watching the 6-hour version of Pride and Prejudice and even Miss Avalon is engrossed with #MrDarcy,” captioned Christine.

Ysabel and Her Mom

As you can see below, it's a very cute snapshot.

But the double takes expressed by Brown's followers weren't over the precious nature of this photo.

These double takes were the result the almost literally unbelievable nature of Ysabel basically serving as Christine’s doppelgänger. 

Christine and Ysabel

“Totally thought Ysabel was you! She looks just like you,” one fan wrote upon seeing this picture.

“I thought Ysabel was you!!!! Wow!!!!!” another chimed in.

And then a third offered up the following:

“Wow. I thought Ysabel was you, Christine! Had to look a few times and even then, I still wasn’t sure!”

Christine Brown, Post-Vaccine

Ysabel is one of six kids whom Christine shares with spirituak husband Kody Brown.

The quasi spouses are also parents to:

  • Aspyn, 26.
  • Mykelti, 25.
  • Paedon, 22.
  • Gwendlyn, 19.

Despite not being legally together in any way, Christine and Kody have been in a spiritual union for 27 years.

The father of 18, of course, is also emotionally married to Meri and Janelle Brown.

He divorced Meri in 2014 so he could legally tie the knot with Robyn and adopt her three children from a previous relationship.

Christine, Daughter

Ysabel has found herself somewhat in the news over the past year or so because she needed back surgery last summer.

Christine had to actually turn to the public to help raise funds for the procedure because Kody is nearly broke, and then observers were agahst to learn that Kody didn't even travel with his daughter for the surgery.

Critics blasted Kody for his apparent negligence.

Keep in mind, this was smack dab during the Covid-19 outbreak and Kody was allegedly concerned about traveling all the way to New Jersey -- and then returning to all his home and his family members in Arizona.

Christine and Kody Picture

In May, meanwhile, Ysabel gushed over Christine in a lovely post on Mother’s Day, revealing just how tight they are.

“Thanks for being the most amazing role model, if I grow up to be even half the woman you are, I’d be more than blessed,” the teen wrote, before shouting out Kody’s sister wives.

“To my amazing other momma’s who helped raise me and made me into the woman I am now.

"You four are the most amazing women and I’m proud to call you all my mom!!”

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