Jenelle Evans: If I Were Pregnant, Could I Do This?! [Cringe]

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At any given moment, a member of the Teen Mom cast is either pregnant or rumored to be pregnant.

This is a proven scientific fact.

It's been this way since the show began, and we can't imagine this trend stopping anytime soon.

Just think about it:

Jenelle on Candace Owens

Right now, Catelynn Lowry is pregnant, and Cheyenne Floyd just gave birth to her second child earlier this summer.

As for the rumors, you can find one for any of the other moms on any given day -- they're so rampant that Maci Bookout got into a bit of trouble recently for making a post insinuating that Farrah Abraham's 12-year-old daughter was pregnant.

It's a lot.

Jenelle Evans in Weird Hat

But today, we're going to talk about the rumors surrounding one Teen Mom in particular.

And that Teen Mom, of course, is Jenelle Evans.

Is Jenelle the worst mom in the history of the franchise?


Jenelle Has a Podcast

She's at least in a three-way tie for the spot with Farrah and Amber Portwood.

When Teen Mom fans criticize her parenting, they say that she doesn't seem to have a maternal bone in her body.

Or that she constantly seems exasperated and overwhelmed with the most basic parts of childcare. Or both.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason on a Date

She ignores them, she's been accused of neglecting them - when Nathan Griffith and his mother tried to get custody of Kaiser, they claimed that she'd often put the kids outside all day and lock the door.

There's also the issue of the alleged abuse she's suffered at the hands of David Eason.

We've heard her claim this during two separate 911 calls and in the court documents when she left him and got a restraining order against him.

Jenelle Evans and Her Trunk

That part is what almost got the kids taken away permanently when CPS removed them from her care after David killed her dog.

So yeah, there's not a lot of great stuff going on in Jenelle's home.

And some people seem to think that she may be bringing another child into that chaos.

Jenelle Evans In the She-Shed

This particular round of rumors seems to have started on TikTok after Jenelle shared a video of herself dancing in her pool.

She was wearing a bikini, and some people thought that she looked pregnant.

"Omg again another child ugh," one person commented.

Jenelle doing more TikTok dancing

"Are you expecting again?" another follower asked. "Congrats!"

"I thought she was prego cause of her belly," read another comment.

They really just go on and on like this, to the point where she apparently felt the need to address those kinds of statements and questions.

More Jenelle dancing

"If I were pregnant," she asked in a second video, "would I be able to do this?"

She then grabbed a chunk of her belly and shook it around violently - something you obviously wouldn't be able to do with an actual baby bump.

And if that wasn't clear enough, she added a caption that read "I have my tubes tied, it's just fat."

Jenelle grabbing belly

Look, we're obviously not Jenelle fans, but this whole thing is just awful.

In the original video, she was a little over waist-deep in the pool, and the water clearly was distorting the way her body looked, making her stomach appear rounder like it might if she was in fact pregnant.

On top of that, she's been open about how she's gained weight recently, and since she's so short, there's not a lot of places for that weight to go, which could also make her stomach appear rounder.

Jenelle Evans, Way Up Close

And that's all fine.

As awful as she may be, she doesn't deserve to be body-shamed - and to be clear, in addition to all the pregnancy speculation, there were heaps and heaps of really nasty comments about her appearance.

Just stop it, people.

Jenelle Evans Tik Tok Image

There are plenty of things to criticize her about, we really don't need to insult her body, too.

So while we're all grateful that there's not another baby on the way for the Easons, let's also be better than this, OK?

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