Jenelle Evans Says She Got Her Tubes Tied; David Eason Says She's Lying

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Pretty much every story about Jenelle Evans and David Eason leaves us shaking our heads in utter disbelief.

But believe it or not, the latest drama between these two has us more confused than ever.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason in December

You see, despite the fact that they both lie constantly, Jenelle and David are not good liars.

So when they present conflicting accounts, it's usually pretty easy to tell who's full of it.

Actually, we should say "who's more full of it," as they're both thoroughly incapable of telling the truth.

David Eason and Jenelle Evans: In Love

For example, when David allegedly assaulted Jenelle last year, both of them told tales that were obviously riddled with lies.

(The story they eventually settled on was that they drunkenly "fell into each other" and each thought the other was attacking them.)

But David was clearly more full of sh-t than Jenelle, which led to his conviction in the court of public opinion.

Jenelle with David and Ensley

Over the weekend, Jenelle was hospitalized yet again, but this time, it appeared to be for a planned procedure, not an injury.

Still, however, Evans and Eason were unable to reach an agreement about the reason for Jenelle's hospitalization.

David posted the below photo of Jenelle, seemingly just so he could brag that he got her a "get well soon gift":

“Got my babe a get well soon gift to encourage her to get back on her feet!” Eason wrote.

“It sucks you had to go through this but at least we got some answers and you should be all better in no time! I love you so much!”

(It's safe to assume that David has decided to take up surfing, and thus, he'll be forcing his entire family to feign interest in his latest flavor of the month hobby.)

Jenelle and David Eason

He didn't give away many details in terms of the reasons for Jenelle's hospitalization, but Evans handled that herself on Facebook:

“And just like that her tubes were tied and she didn’t want anymore babies…” she wrote in a status update.

Sounds straightforward enough -- but interestingly, David replied to a fan's comment on Instagram and claimed that Jenelle has not had her tubes tied.

Jenelle and David on a Date

He says Jenelle needed to have polyps removed from her uterus, and she's currently awaiting test results:

“We will let everyone know what all was discovered in the surgery very soon,” Eason wrote.

“And no she did not have her tubes tied.”

So who -- if anyone -- is telling the truth here?

Jenelle Evans with David and Ensley

Well, it seems that David might be a bit confused on the matter.

Jenelle later clarified the matter in an interview with E! News, and while it seems that she did have polyps removed, she also had her tubes tied.

“In the end I had my left ovary and polyps removed,” she revealed.

“They tied my right one though so I still have hormones," she added.

Eason Picture

“I decided to do it because I had constant pain on my left side and I get extremely sick when pregnant. I’m also happy with the number of kids I have now.”

So why in the hell would David lie about such a thing?

The folks over at Starcasm speculate that he may have been confused by medical terms such as "tubal ligation."

Of course, it's also possible that he feels his wife having her tubes tied somehow undermines his virility or masculinity.

Whatever the case, this is David we're talking about, so you can be sure his reason is incredibly dumb.

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