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Remember when everyone who watched Teen Mom loved and adored Catelynn Lowell so much?

Goodness, how things have changed …

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Back on her episode of 16 and Pregnant, when she and then-boyfriend Tyler Baltierra decided to place their daughter for adoption instead of trying to raise her in their incredibly unstable homes, she got heaps and heaps of praise.

Fans of the show thought she was brave for making such a selfless decision, and of course they felt horrible for her when they saw how family members treated her for making that decision.

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In the early seasons of Teen Mom, we saw her mother and Tyler’s father, Butch, verbally abuse her, often while they were high and/or drunk.

She and Tyler persevered, and people loved them for it. Adored them.

But sometime over the past few years, things started shifting a bit.

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There are still tons and tons of fans that still love Catelynn and Tyler, obviously, but more and more people are starting to find issues with them.

Remember when Cate had that first miscarriage and left for rehab in Arizona for six weeks, then went back for six more weeks shortly after returning home?

Some viewers thought that was incredibly selfish – Tyler even thought that, that’s a big part of why they had so many issues that year.

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She gets criticized for smoking around her kids, for the way she deals with Carly and her adoptive parents, for her unwavering support of Amber Portwood, even after all the assaults …

People also take issue with the kinds of things she posts on social media — specifically, the Teen Mom articles with the clickbait-y captions.

And boy, do those people think she’s really crossed a line this time.

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Earlier this week, Catelynn posted a black and white photo of Tyler with Butch with a caption that read "Devastated to confirm the rumors are true. Thank you as always for the outpouring of love and support."

There were also heartbroken emojis and crying emojis involved, and of course a link to an article.

So that’s not super subtle, right?

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The post is clearly implying that Butch passed away.

But if you click on the link, it leads to an article from back in April about a Teen Mom OG teaser in which Tyler learns that his sister, Amber, has relapsed — she, like their father, struggles with addiction.

A little switcheroo, if you will.

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Obviously, it’s a shady move that has legions of Teen Mom fans pretty mad at Catelynn.

A screenshot of the post was shared over on Reddit, and she was quickly torn apart for this.

"Can you imagine getting paid to make people think your father-in-law died??!" one person asked.

Catelynn with a Smirk

Another Reddit user pointed out that "With Butch’s history, this one in particular is twisted af."

"Her clickbait is always so sickening and exploitative of others," someone agreed.

One concerned person wrote that karma is coming for her, bigly.

Catelynn on Season 9

"I feel like doing this kind of stuff can bring out bad karma."

"Like ‘oh yeah, you want to keep toying with this stuff? Let’s REALLY make it happen.’ It’s something I could never do."

"I wonder how Tyler feels about it."

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Another potential outcome someone came up with was "Imagine explaining to your kids when they’re older and most likely stumble upon this."

"Like ‘oh yeah I used to post stories convincing people to click by making them think your grandpa died or I miscarried you while I was pregnant for money, even though we already made almost half a million dollars a season for our show.’"


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We imagine Catelynn’s family are aware of what she posts on social media, or at least as aware as they can be in the case of her children.

And since Tyler has been gushing about her lately, it’s probably safe to say that he’s not too bothered by it.

Do you have a problem with what Catelynn posts on social media?