Greg Grippo is a Huge Liar and Phony and Needs to Go Home ASAP: Report

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G-R-I-P-P-O, Greg Grippo has got to go!

According to a bombshell new report in The Sun, a certain segment of The Bachelorette viewers around the nation may not be chanting this exact mantra.

But they might as well be.

Because it's becoming more and more apparent that Grippo is not the right man for Katie Thurston.

Katie Thurston's Final 4

The 28-year old earned Thurston's First Impression Rose in the very first episode of this ongoing season, but it quickly then came to light that Grippo is an aspiring actor.

He's supposedly be hiding this line on his resume from Thurston because he's really just using his screen time to boost his profile in Hollywood.

“He is absolutely lying about his career and intentions on the show," an insider said last month:

"He’s always wanted to pursue an on-camera career."

Greg Grippo Picture

Yikes, huh?

It's even worse than this, though, if one is to believe the latest dirt on Grippo.

"The way the world is believing this nice-boy act is incredibly nauseating and sad for women," a source claiming to be Greg's friend for "years" just told The Sun in a stunning interview.

The suitor presented himself to ABC as a marketing sales representative from New Jersey -- but this supposed pal says Grippo really has "a big ego," along with a hidden agenda.

Greg Grippo with Katie

Grippo has "always" been chasing fame and is a "schemer" who applied for The Bachelorette multiple times so he could have "a shortcut to success" in the entertainment industry, continues this report.

"So many of us that know Greg are equally shocked and appalled at how different he's coming off on the show.

"Beyond phony," the insider added, hurling Grippo under one bus after another.

Greg Grippo Says Hello

This description of Grippo is especially ironic when you stop and remember when Katie said about Greg on the season premiere.

“What I loved about Greg is he was just true to himself, which was this very nervous, very uncomfortable, guy,” she explained on air at the time.

“He didn’t try to act cool or be this guy that he’s not."

Turns out, Grippo may be a terrific actor after all.

Greg Grippo and The Bachelorette

But is Thurston now on to him?

Based on some of The Bachelorette spoilers we've read, Grippo will soon quit the show after a huge argument.

He will take place during his overnight date with Thurston and it will stem from Greg's annoyance that Katie hasn't simply settled on him as her future husband.

According to Reality Steve, Greg and Katie will engage in what he describes as "the worst fight we’ve ever seen on this show.”

Greg Grippo on The Bachelorette

There will be crying, there will be screaming, it will be a general "sh-t show," teased this reality show guru a short while back, claiming that Grippo will have a meltdown because Thurston is still dating other men.

Heck, maybe even sleeping with them, too.

Greg will end up walking away from the series in anger.

This may explain why Thurston seemingly threw shade at Grippo on Instagram late last month.

Greg Grippo and Katie Thurston

None of this comes as a surprise to the individual to whom The Sun spoke.

"Greg gets everything handed to him, gets away with bad behavior, and leaves girls either heartbroken and questioning themselves, or both," the source told this newspaper a few days ago.

"Then he discards them and starts fresh with a new girl with the same exact innocent boy act.

"He has zero sense of accountability."

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