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Teen Mom 2 fans were shocked when Briana DeJesus got engaged to Javi Gonzalez back in May.

The Florida residents had only been dating a few months, and their relationship seemed to have been loaded with drama, so it came as a surprise when Briana said yes.

But not as big a surprise as when DeJesus dumped Gonzalez just two weeks after he popped the question.

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We may never know exactly what prompted Bri to kick Javi to the curb, but fans were quick to take notice when she unfollowed the guy and deleted all photos of him from her Instagram page.

When the breakup rumors began to fly, Bri remained suspiciously silent for the first few days.

DeJesus has a history of speaking out in her own defense, so when she refused to respond to the controversy, fans took it as a tacit acknowledgement that the rumors were true.

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This week, however, she responded to a fan’s inquiry with a picture that speaks a thousand words — and quite a few karats, too!

"What are you Javi still together?" the follower asked.

Rather than offer a full explanation of her relationship status, Bri merely flashed some blinding bling:

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“I was going to stay silent on this… and I even ignored this when it first popped up last week as I laughed it off,” she told the outlet.

“But since it’s coming up again that Javi and I are no longer together, with reports even aiming to investigate ‘what went wrong,’ I feel compelled to speak up," DeJesus continued.

“First off, Javi and I are 100 percent together and we are happy."

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From there, the mother of two revealed that there’s a perfectly good explanation for why she was spotted without her ring:

“In fact, he went to the store to upgrade my ring today. You can see in the text [shown to Celebuzz] where he says that he loves me and ‘the wedding bands that go with it for after we’re married are so fire,’" Bri said.

"So yes, we’re together, very much in love, and engaged.” 

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"Upgrading" the ring just a few weeks after getting engaged?

It sounds like Bri wasn’t happy with the rock that Javi bought her with his tattoo artist’s salary, and she decided to threw some of her own cash at the problem in order to upgrade the bling.

As for the claims about deleting Javi’s pics and unfollowing him, Briana has a simple explanation:

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She says she never had any pics of Gonzalez on her page, and the two of them never followed each other on Instagram.

“They were only on my IG Story. All of these ‘social media stalkers’ who claim to ‘know so much’ should’ve been able to pick up on that and, in addition, should know that an Instagram Story post expires in 24 hours," DeJesus explained, adding:

“This is SOCIAL MEDIA – it’s not someone’s real, 24/7 life. People really need to get their facts straight and come correct before continuing to perpetuate completely false allegations and rumors."

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So we guess there’s no reason to be concerned about Bri and Javi’s relationship.

Or at least there are no new reasons to be concerned.

At the end of the day, this is still the guy who almost got DeJesus fired from Teen Mom 2 because he refused to undergo Covid tests.

So yeah, it sounds like there’s some serious drama ahead for these two.