Kody Brown Stuns Sister Wives Fans, Attends Daughter's Graduation

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Kody Brown attended his daughter's high school graduation late last week.

And we know what many of you out there may be thinking:

Okay, great. Wonderful. What, exactly, is newsworthy about this decision/development?

Well... we'll go ahead and tell you what!

Kody Brown at Graduation

The Sister Wives star has earned a reputation for being very selfish and all-around awful.

Last year, when spouse Christine flew with 17-year old daughter Ysabel to be there when the young women underwent a serious back procedure, Kody was nowhere to be found.

Not only did Kody skip the surgery, but he infamously didn't contribute to the medical expenses that had built up around Ysabel's scoliosis, prompting Christine to basically beg followers for cash.

And just why was his family so strapped for cash?

Kody Brown on the Show Sister Wives

Because Kody has made some very poor financial decisions over the years, none more prominent than purchasing a large piece of land at a place called Coyote Pass.

He shelled over close to $1 million for the property. He had plans to build four houses there for his family to move into. And he's since done nothing.

We mean it. We're not being hyperbolic here.

Kody has done nothing at all at Coyote Pass.

Kody Brown: I Suck Hard!

We could go on and on and on here.

Stories about Kody being a terrible husband are commonplace at this point.

Hence, our shocked reaction to the photo Ysabel posted to Facebook and Instagram on Friday night.

As it turns out, her dad showed up for her high school graduation ceremony and even seemed both happy and proud to be there.

Kody Brown in 2021

"GOODBYE!!! no more high school drama :) now we will begin college drama," wrote Ysabel as a caption to a slideshow of her graduation photos.

Kody didn't congratulate his daughter on social media for her accomplishment, but that's okay.

That's not anything worth criticizing.

He was actually there for her for a major change and perhaps this is a sign that the father of 18 has learned a valuable lesson over the past several months.

Kody Brown Looks Intense

Will he actually be loving and/or caring toward Meri going forward?

Will he comfort Ysabel's mother, Christine, who has expressed major doubts of late over the future of her marriage?

"Meri, I can't do marriage with Kody anymore," Christine confessed to Kody's first spouse on the Sister Wives finale this spring.

"I don't want to do it anymore," she emphasized a second time later in the same episode.

Christine and Kody Picture

The finale was filmed months ago and Christine is still very much around.

So she likely wasn't just talking the talk and won't be walking any walks away from her spiritual husband.

But Kody just watched their kid walk across the high school graduation stage.

That's something they can build on at least. 

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