Kody Brown is The Worst and All His Sister Wives Should Leave Him

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People love Sister Wives, right?

You probably love them yourself if you're reading this right now.

Kody Brown on the Show Sister Wives

Maybe you love seeing how a family so different from your own operates, or maybe you were raised similarly and like seeing something that looks like your own family on TV -- both are valid!

Maybe you caught an episode a few years back and found yourself invested, maybe you've watched from the first episode because you're addicted to the incredible reality shows that TLC produces.

It could be that you like seeing all the kids and how much they've grown and are now having kids of their own.

There are dozens upon dozens of reasons why people enjoy watching Sister Wives ...

Meet The Sister Wives

But probably not too many of you tune in because you just think Kody Brown is the greatest.

If you ever check out conversations people have about the show, you'll see plenty of people who love Meri and want to see her happy, or who are big Janelle fans for how sweet and no-nonsense she is.

Lots of people like Christine, especially in the past few seasons since she's been standing up for herself so much, and while Robyn certainly has her critics, there are plenty of people who think she's adorable.

But Kody ... yeah, not too many Kody fans out there.

Kody Brown Up Close

And that's because he's just, as we've said countless times, the worst.


Part of the issue is their lifestyle in general.

While there are plenty of adults who have multiple partners and handle it in a way that is healthy and fulfilling for everyone, the Browns do not seem to be an example of this.

Kody Brown and All Sister Wives

Kody is, of course, able to have multiple wives, and he's expressed disgust in the past at the thought of one of the ladies having another husband.

On top of that inequality, we know that religion likely plays a huge part in why the wives stick around, since they consider marriage to be eternal.

If any of them were to leave, they'd be breaking a bond that had been sealed by the church, and there's a chance they wouldn't be allowed to stay in contact with the rest of the family, including all the children.

Meri Selfie

That could explain why Meri would stay even though she's been completely and totally miserable for years now, right?

Because she really has seemed just absolutely miserable, and that's another reason why Kody sucks -- he just doesn't act like a great husband.

Remember that episode where he and Meri were doing couple's therapy and he just flat-out said that he wouldn't listen to any criticism of his behavior?

That's pretty much been an ongoing theme for him -- he always thinks he's right, and he's often unwilling to truly listen to his wives when they bring up issues.

Kody Brown: I Suck Hard!

He's also unwilling to spend much time with his first three wives.

The vast majority of Sister Wives fans can see that he has a clear preference for Robyn -- he spends the most time with her, he shows her the most affection.

Remember that scene last season when he'd been spending so much time with her and when he finally went to visit with Meri, he spent some of that time talking to Robyn on the phone?

Or what about the one where Christine said that she felt like a single mom, and that Kody only came over for a few hours in the evening a couple of times a week and he spent a lot of that time on his phone?

Christine Brown on a Sister Wives Episode

There were some other issues with Christine this season that went beyond Kody's apparent preference for Robyn -- like that episode where he behaved despicably about Ysabel's scoliosis surgery.

It really feels like he's been putting on a front since the beginning of the show, and as the years have gone by he's become more and more comfortable sharing his true colors.

In each new season of the show he comes across more cold and unlikable than the last.

We know that Meri is deeply unhappy, that Janelle has more of a friendly relationship with Kody than a romantic one, and that Christine has directly said that she "can't do marriage" with Kody anymore.

What's it going to take for them to actually leave this guy?

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