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For a long time now, things with the Brown family have been … well, they haven’t been great.

They’ve actually been pretty horrific, judging by what we’ve seen on Sister Wives.

Kody Brown in 2021

We’ve seen relationships change and deteriorate, we’ve seen family members be outright mean to each other.

It’s bad.

But this season has been especially interesting because a big theme of it all is Kody just entirely giving up on his family.

He truly seems to be over polygamy, and he’s said as much plenty of times in recent episodes.

Kody Brown Gets Weird

He’s said that Janelle is "full of sh-t" and "lazy," he’s said that he hasn’t felt a spark with Meri in the past several years.

In a sneak peek for this week’s episode, the season finale, he exclaimed that he was in "polygamy hell," which seems quite dramatic.

And now, in another sneak peek for the finale, we’re seeing him with all of his sister wives, trying to work on their relationships.

But guess who doesn’t seem to care even the tiniest bit?

Kody Brown Finale Photo

The clip, which you can watch in full below, begins with everyone gathered together while Janelle sets up a big ol’ easel so they can write things down.

Kody says that he doesn’t understand what they’re going to be talking about, and he asked in a sort of mocking way "Are we going to be talking about our feelings?"

"I’m coming into this whole conversation very cynical," he admits during a confessional, "because I’m extremely discouraged that I can’t get my wives to all agree on one simple thing: preventing the spread of COVID in our family."

Kody Brown Up Close
Photo via TLC

"And so it’s pissing me off."

This was all filmed early in the pandemic, and Christine was of the opinion that she’d already made plans for the coming months and she wasn’t going to cancel them while Janelle made it clear that she couldn’t stay quarantined all summer.

Still, Kody’s plan was that he’d be the only one to move between the four different households, which still wouldn’t be safe because he could still carry the virus from house to house.

Logic wasn’t really on anyone’s side here, obviously, so let’s just continue.

Meet The Sister Wives

Back to the family meeting, we see Janelle writing something down on the easel — they seem to be taking turns writing down things that are important to them, and she writes that she "needs to make sure I’m heard."

In her own confessional, she says "I think we’ve had communication problems for a long time," and she goes on to explain that with the new stress the pandemic added to the family, that was made even more clear to her.

For Christine’s turn, she says "So I need to feel important at the end of a conversation, I feel like some of my ideas … I don’t feel like I’m important, I don’t even really have a say."

Christine Brown: A Picture

"Everyone just assumes I’m just being a princess because I’m not expressing myself well," she continues. "I’m not ever intending to be a princess, but I think I’m seen that way and it’s frustrating."

Kody then tells her "I feel like everybody feels that same way, like it’s a fight constantly to like have an idea even heard, so …"

It really feels like he’s pouting here, so Robyn tries to hold his hand through this and ask him what he wants to write on the easel, what issue he wants to talk about when it comes to their communication.

Kody and Robyn for Sister Wives

"Nothing," he answers, because of course that’s his answer.

"Yes you are," Robyn chides him, "you have to play."

He thinks for a minute then tells his wives "My problem is I don’t want to write anything down there because I don’t give a sh-t anymore."

Absolutely charming, right?

Kody Brown Sister Wives Picture

We don’t get to see how the wives react to that beyond a few shocked expressions, but back in his confessional he tells the camera "You know, we’ve moved here, we’re going through the struggles, I’ve been arguing about COVID now for so long with these ladies …"

"That’s the reason I don’t care anymore," he explains. "I don’t enjoy the relationship anymore because it feels like a constant fight."’

And that’s the end of the video.

Photo via TLC

At this point in the game, it’s pretty clear that no one is going to leave the family — they all believe so strongly in their marriages because of their religion, and it’s probably safe to say the perks of being on the show are an incentive to stay as well.

But it’s also clear that they’re all completely miserable with each other most of the time.

Is the show just going to be like this for the rest of its time on the air?

Are they just going to say worse and worse things to each other as they pretend like any of this is working?

Kody Brown in Some Therapy
Photo via Tlc

Like, we’ll still watch, but man, are things looking bleak here.

What do you think about the current state of this family?