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90 Day Fiance have followed many stories with fascination.

Jihoon and his attorney’s bitter saga. Deavan’s feud with Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom 2 infamy. Andrew Kenton’s quirks.

Now, a trusted Instagram blogger who has reported on all of this and more is being sued.

Seven plaintiffs, including Jenelle and Andrew, are suing him.

Jenelle Evans on Instagram Live

Legendary 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates has helped navigate fans through so much.

From the fall of Larissa’s marriage to Colt to news that Big Ed is filming yet again, he’s usually the first to know.

Unfortunately, it seems that his hard-hitting reporting has rubbed some of its subjects the wrong way.

Andrew Kenton refuses to come back if he can't confront Amira

Andrew Kenton appeared in Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance.

During his time on the show, he and his fiancee Amira Lollysa had a bitter falling out.

On the show, Andrew did not get a flattering edit, but many fans believe that there was more to this than editing.

Andrew Kenton tells his version of events

Andrew at times seemed a little awkward, both in his choice of diction and his choices.

Vacationing alone, on camera, after Amira’s deportation from Mexico was not a good look for him.

Some scenes were reportedly taken out of context in order to make his solo vacation in Puerto Vallarta seem even more indulgent.

Jenelle Evans YouTube Photo

Meanwhile, disgraced former reality star Jenelle Evans holds the infamous title of arguably the worst star in Teen Mom franchise history.

She was awful before she married a dog-killing monster, David Eason, and she is no longer on the show.

Fans will never forgive her for exposing her children (or pets) to that despicable beast.

Jenelle on Candace Owens

On May 18, Jenelle, Andrew, and other plaintifs filed a lawsuit.

The suit is aimed at John Yates, as well as against YouTubers Sharrell and William Lloyd.

The Lloyds run Sharrell’s World, a YouTube series. 

Photo via Instagram

The Ashley got their hands on court documents.

John Yates and the Lloyds are being sued for alleged "intentional acts of assault, libel, trade libel or slander by a private party."

They are demanding more than $75,000, and the defandants were issued an electronic court summons on May 27.

Photo via Instagram

Jenelle is complaining that John Yates somehow ruined her future business opportunities.

He allegedly reported that she was fired from a podcast project earlier this year.

John allegedly did so during a series of chats with 90 Day Fiance star Deavan Clegg.

John Yates interview with Deavan Clegg November 2020

Deavan had initially been set to work on the show with Jenelle in some capacity (there are a lot of contested details).

However, Deavan was stunned and appalled when she learned the sort of person that Jenelle really is.

Not being a monster or a lunatic, Deavan was happy to not have to work with Jenelle.

Deavan Clegg, Jenelle Evans Pic

“On or about March 31, 2021, Defendant Yates posted a YouTube Live video that…talked about [Jenelle]’s dismissal from her new podcast,” the documents read.

They continue: “Defendant Yates stated that it was brought up to the management team and that was enough for [Jenelle] to be fired."

The lawsuit claims "which was untrue and affected [Jenelle] and her business opportunities."

Photo via TikTok

While there are still things that we do not know about this lawsuit, Jenelle and Andrew are not the only plaintiffs — as there are seven in total.

First up is Amber Cherrington, a legal assistant to attorney Joseph Alamilla.

Alamilla of course is Jihoon Lee’s former attorney after a GoFundMe was raised in his name, unilaterally, by a fan.

Jihoon Lee - constantly fighting is inevitable

Amanda Grayce Crosby is the 90 Day Fiance superfan who started that same GoFundMe.

She is another plaintiff in this lawsuit.

Jihoon has reportedly severed all ties with Alamilla and with Crosby, citing alleged financial demands.

Andrew Kenton feels miserable and powerless

As for where Andrew Kenton fits into this, Young One University is also part of the lawsuit.

This is the daycare owned by Andrew and by his mother.

Young One University received a frankly weirdly high amount of scrutiny from fans during Season 8.

Andrew Kenton in cosplay for daycare

John Yates allegedly accused Andrew of receiving and misusing a loan.

This appears to be the sticking point in the lawsuit.

The details of this loan as described could end up litigated in court.

Andrew Kenton is stunned and hurting after Amira's detention

Additionally, Jennifer Koczur Richardson sounds like an ex-friend of John Yates.

At one point, she says, John lived with her, and she and her husband accuse him of threatening to "file a false report to Child Protective Services."

She claims that he actually followed through on this threat, though we do not know the details — whether there was a filing, and whether it was false.

Fritz Drexler is a fellow plaintiff who accused John of doxxing his wife.

He claims that John posted about her workplace and claimed that Fritz and his wife are racists.

Fritz also complains that John allegedly posted a family photo of theirs at some point.

John Yates interviews Larissa Lima

Rex L Bray is the attorney representing all seven plaintiffs in the suit.

All of the parties involved claim that John, Sharrell, and William received cease and desist letters but did not comply.

“Plaintiffs are seeking injunctive relief against the Defendants," the court documents read.

They are seeking relief "for persistent and dilatory actions and statements made against the Plaintiffs."

"And," the documents complain, "the Defendants have refused to curtail their activities and statements."

Allegedly, this is "despite having received a cease-and-desist letter from the Plaintiffs."

Apparently, they are seeking a jury trial.

The hope is that the damages, court costs, and attorney fees will be paid by the three defendants.

Truly, the other six must be furious with John Yates’ reporting if they are willingly allying themselves with someone like Jenelle Evans.