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It’s only been three weeks since Briana DeJesus and Javi Gonzalez got engaged.

But it seems that what should be one of the happiest times in Bri’s life has instead been loaded with drama and strife.

Last week, insiders claimed that DeJesus had dumped Gonzalez unexpectedly.

The split came just two weeks after he popped the question, and insiders say Bri made her decision in the heat of an argument.

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Bri, as you’re probably aware, has a tendency to fly off the handle and allow her anger to get the best of her.

So it was widely assumed that she would eventually take her ring back, and the wedding planning would resume.

A week later, however, that has yet to happen.

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And now, fans are beginning to suspect that Bri and Javi really have gone their separate ways.

There’s been no official announcement from DeJesus, which is strange, because she generally posts every aspect of her life on social media.

But despite Bri’s silence, all signs point to a messy breakup.

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First, fans noticed that Bri had deleted all photos of Javi from her Instagram page.

Shortly thereafter, Bri’s followers noticed that she and Javi no longer follow each other on the site.

Needless to say, this is unusual behavior from a couple that only recently got engaged.

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Around this same time, Javi posted a cryptic Instagram Story, in which he complained about people who fail to listen to him, even after he’s repeated himself multiple times.

He stated that ignoring someone who’s speaking to you is "basically saying f–k you" to them.

The Story was live for only a couple of hours before Javi deleted it, a move that led many to conclude that he and Bri are doing their best to keep their breakup out of the headlines.

Briana on Teen Mom the Second

It also led many to believe that Javi was the one who instigated the breakup, as he seemed upset over what he perceived as Bri’s rudeness.

Whatever the case, many fans have reached out to Bri and offered their condolences in her Instagram comments.

Others, however, have congratulated her on cutting Javi loose, as they believed him to be nothing but trouble from the very start.

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As you may recall, Gonzalez refused to undergo Covid testing at the height of the pandemic.

His decision nearly caused Briana to quit Teen Mom 2 because producers would not allow her to film when a member of her inner circle was refusing to be tested.

Mind you, at this point, Bri and Javi had only been dating for a few months — and the guy appeared to jeopardize her career without a second thought.

Briana DeJesus Loooks Upset

So there were concerns about Javi’s attitude from the very beginning, and many fans were surprised that the famously outspoken — and quick-tempered — Briana was willing to put up with so much crap from a new boyfriend.

But it seems that Bri might have eventually come to her senses and decided to cut the guy loose.

We respect her decision to keep a lid on things for now — but we’re hoping she’ll unload on this dude during the next season of TM2.