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Last year, the entire world was stunned by Erika Jayne filing to divorce Tom Girardi.

After 22 years of marriage, it was stunning.

Even more shocking was the scandal that followed — accusations that Tom had fleeced millions from his own clients.

Now, a documentary has shed light upon the clients accusing him of robbing them of their hard fought settlements.

Tom Girardi Sept 2020 deposition

Erika Jayne is straight-up not having a good time.

This week, Hulu aired their documentary on the scandal surrounding her and her high-powered attorney husband.

Tom Girardi is accused of stealing millions from his own clients.

Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi at Dinner

In The Hustler and the Housewife, multiple victims came forward to share their accusations and experiences.

One was Josie Hernandez, who reached out to Tom to represent her after several implant surgeries.

She had struggled with incontinence following the surgeries, and needed his help as an attorney.

Erika Jayne at the Season 10 Reunion Special

Tom took Josie’s case, and she ended up being awarded $135,000 in her settlement.

In the documentary, Josie shared a voicemail that Tom left her after failing to pay that money to her.

She called him "unbelievably cruel," because according to her accusations, he already had her money.

“I don’t want you mad at me," Tom expressed to her in th voicemail.

"I’m working like a dog to try and get this thing resolved," he pledged. "I’m in your corner.”

“I’m a good guy, by the way," Tom assured her on the recording.

Erika Jayne Drinks During the Tension

That was in August of 2020.

This was months after she filed a complaint with the California Bar and learned that Tom already had the money.

So she knew that Tom was allegedly lying.

Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi Togetherr

Bias Ramadhan also spoke about his dealings with Tom Girardi.

He shared that he had at one point been sending Tom weekly emails.

At the time, he had hoped to hear about his family’s settlement.

Bias and his three siblings tragically lost their mother in the Lion Air Flight 610 crash, in 2018.

“We are the victims here. Not him, not Tom, not his wife,” Bias emphasized.

He explained: “We just want to know, ‘Can we get our money and when we will get it?’ … We don’t even know.”

Joe Ruigomez was severely burned in the PG&E gas explosion in 2010.

His body remains covered in scars, as you can see in the clip that we have included.

According to Joe, Tom displayed "snake" behavior as his representative.

“Once I actually got to know Tom a little bit, he would take me out to dinner,” Joe shared.

He divulged: “[He told me], ‘She’s the sweetest thing. Do you like this tie I’m wearing, Joe? She picked it out.’"

"’Yeah, she’s really good at style.’ And, ‘Oh, look at this music video that I did for her!’” Joe cited.

Obviously, Tom was the focus of the documentary, since he was the attorney accused of misdeeds.

However, there was of course speculation alongside questions about Erika.

What did she know about her husband’s alleged thefts?

A reporter noted that Erika was listed as a "secretary" on Tom’s financial company.

The question was whether "she benefitted from this" in any tangible way.

And, if she did, did she know at the time.

Erika Jayne Enjoys a Tasty Drink

“Tom and Erika, they’re stuck together in these bankruptcy proceedings,” Brandon the reporter characterized.

“A lot of these debts, that they owe in bankruptcy proceedings, owe together, possibly," he added.

"It’s going to be hard for her to say to she didn’t know that anything was going on," Brandon predicted.

In the documentary, a clip from Tom’s deposition aired.

In it, he claimed that he had once had as much as $80 million, $50 million of which was in cash.

Now, Tom claimed, he is broke. “I don’t have any money.”