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Teen Mom fans are very familiar with Leah Messer and her baby daddies.

Ex-husband Corey Simms is the father of Ali and Alleeah, Leah’s twins.

Hey moved on and fell in love again and is now married to Miranda.

In a new, super-rare photo, she is flaunting her spectacular post-baby body.

Miranda, Leah and Corey

Corey has not really shared public images of Miranda on Instagram in a long time.

Not since their wedding in 2013, in fact.

However, after the coupled welcomed their daughter, Remington, Miranda notably lost a lot of weight.

Here, posing beside her husband, we see Miranda flaunting her post-baby body.

She is looking more slender than ever in this photo snapped by the water.

Fans quickly took notice after the image was circulated among Teen Mom fans.

Miranda, Corey Simms

First, of course, fans noticed how adoringly Miranda was curled up to Corey.

But fans could not resist commenting about her very conspicuous body transformation.

Commentary ranged from praise to neutral observations to craving Miranda’s secrets.

“Wow she’s really changed. I almost didn’t recognize her,” a fan observed.

“Damn she lost A LOT of weight since I saw her on Teen Mom!!!!” another noted.

“What are all these Teen Moms doing to lose so much weight like Chelsea!?!?” that same fan asked. “I need the secret plssss.”

Corey Simms and Wife

“She’s always been beautiful!” another commenter affirmed.

The comment continued: “I have no idea why everyone is saying she’s changed.”

“Looks like Miranda is half the size she used to be,” observed another. “Did she have weight loss surgery?”

Weight loss is a complicated topic.

For years, it was pushed — and to some degree, it still is — that weight loss is a simple product of diet and exercise.

In reality, scientists have observed that long-term weight loss is rarely attainable through these methods.

Miranda and Corey Simms

Money gives people the time and resources to go through body transformations.

It’s not always about surgery; it can simply be about having the time for exercise and the money for reliable nutrition.

However, many do explore surgical options, including a number of Teen Mom franchise stars.

Whether or not Miranda had “help” bouncing back from pregnancy after welcoming Remington, we don’t know.

Many have observed that the manner in which celebrities focus upon instantly regaining their pre-baby figures gives people unrealistic expectations.

However, Miranda is a tertiary celebrity at the most — we don’t think that she’s doing any harm by looking good in a beach photo.

In other news, viewers recently saw Leah open up to Corey about her health.

She had discovered a benign tumor in her right breast.

Benign doesn’t mean harmless, merely non-malignant. Even “benign” tumors can harm and even kill.

Leah expressed to Corey that she might “need his support” during her health journey.

They also spoke about how to tackle this complicated topic if their shared daughters bring it up.

This is an important conversation for co-parents to have.

Leah and Corey

It was a scary moment when Leah found a lump in her right breast.

The news that it was benign was a comfort, but does not mean that it can simply be ignored.

It is good that they have a plan for addressing this with Ali and Alleeah.