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Well, a new season of Jersey Shore is almost upon us, which means we’re in for more of the housemates sitting around some luxury resort and developing new catchphrases and inside jokes.

But while the drama may not be as intense as it was in the show’s early days, there are still some major questions hanging over tonight’s season premiere:

Has Ronnie Magro been fired and edited out? What inspired Snooki to return after quitting last season? And of course …

… Does JWoww still want to beat Angelina Pivarnick to death with a wine bottle?

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As you may recall, the ongoing feud between Angelina and Ms. Jenni Farley was the primary source of drama last season.

The situation didn’t come to a head until the last few episodes because Jenni was sidelined by oral surgery … or something.

(More likely, she had undergone plastic surgery or simply didn’t want to participate in the full season because her BFF Snooki wasn’t involved.)

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In case you forgot, the beef between these two started way back when Jenni’s now-fiance Zack Carpinello groped Angelina while Jenni was passed out drunk just a few feet away.

For reasons that still aren’t entirely clear, Jenni blamed Angelina for this.

The situation was exacerbated, of course, by the bridesmaids’ speech that Jenni, Snooki, and Deena delivered at Angelina’s wedding.

JWoww and Deena Roast Angelina

Needless to say, that’s a lot of bad blood between two castmates who were never really friends to begin with.

So how do things stand between JWoww and Angeliners these days?

Well, surprisingly, it seems they’ve managed to bury the hatchet!

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"Actually, I didn’t even think about it but they never really had that conversation," Jenni said when asked about possible tension between Zack and Angelina during a recent interview with Too Fab.

"I’m assuming everything’s okay because Angelina just texted me [her husband Chris Larangeira] loves Zack and she’s asking to come over for a double date," Jenni continued.

Hilariously, Farley went on to say that she was flattered by the invite but forced to decline.

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"Girl, I’m too tired. She goes hard, she doesn’t have kids, she’s allowed to do her thing and live her best life. I’m old and in bed at like 9pm," Jenni said.

Angelina echoed those sentiments and added that she and Jenni have been brought back together by the passionate bromance between Zack and Chris.

"Let me tell you something about Chris, Chris loves Zack, Zack loves Chris. They love each other," she said.

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"I’m like, you guys can go off, have your little bromance over there. I’m like, I can’t. But it’s so cute," she said.

"Everyone’s in a good place now, as far as Jenni and I, Zack and Chris, it’s good."

Angelina added that she and Jenni decided to take a page from the book of Third Eye Blind and put the past away:

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"We just let the past go and it’s better off like that," Pivarnick explained.

"That was a thing, I kinda don’t want to remember that. That was a big night, bad night. I think sometimes, family, they go through ups and downs. Jenni and I had to hash it out that night for us to get to the place we are in right now."

So there you have it — the Shore Civil War is officially at an end, and Jenni and Angelina are at peace.

Jersey Shore Cast 2020

That’s good news for them, but it might be bad news for viewers.

After all, if there’s no conflict between the castmates, then what will keep us tuning in?

Pauly roasting Vinny for wearing khakis is entertaining and all, but can it support an entire season of reality TV in which the cast can’t even leave their residence?

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We guess we’ll find out!

A lot has happened in the Shore-verse since last season — Ronnie was arrested again, Mike Sorrentino had a baby — but that all took place after filming ended.

We have our doubts, but this cast has defied the odds many times in the past — here’s hoping they can do it again!