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Is the feud between JWoww and Angelina Pivarnick back on?

Or are Jersey Shore fans just thirsty for conflict after a season of Family Vacation that was a full-blown drama desert?

Whatever the case, Jenni Farley’s Instagram followers are taking her latest post as a subtle jab at her ex-rival Angeliners.

Angelina and JWoww
Photo via Instagram

The situation started out innocently enough.

Jenni was experimenting with a new face-tuning app, and she decided to present the results to her followers as a lesson on the importance of a positive self-image.

"Laying here bored and saw this app… so I said ‘why not?’" Farley captioned the photo below.

Photo via Instagram

"WTF. I’d rather be old and ugly but seriously, don’t do this crap to your pics… love yourself," she added.

When one follower pointed out that the app "basically adds makeup," Jenni noted that there were other changes, as well — and she didn’t care for them.

"Made my face all baby smooth with a ring light glow," she replied.

Photo via YouTube

Another commenter reminded Jenni that she’s had a fair amount of work done, which makes it a little easier for her to talk about the evils of facial filters.

"True love, but you have endless money for all the medspa and injections Many of your followers don’t… It makes a difference in the #nofilter pics," the fan wrote.

"You are not wrong there," Farley replied.

Photo via MTV

So where does Angelina come into this?

Well, at first, the comments were mostly positive.

But eventually, things took a turn for the worse, and Jenni found herself on the receiving end of some pretty serious trash talk.

Ready to Rehearse

"Lol I guess loving yourself means restructuring your whole face like you did," one follower commented.

"Seriously?? But going under knife and needles..lloll," a second wrote.

"You don’t even love yourself bc if you did you wouldn’t have done all tht work on your face… maybe change your caption," a third chimed in.

Photo via Instagram

Not content to simply throw shade at Jenni for her alleged hypocrisy, some commenters proceeded to suggest that JWoww was throwing some extremely low-key shade at Angelina, who frequently makes use of facial filters.

That’s obviously a bit of a stretch, but given the fact that Farley and Pivarnick were at each other’s throats for almost a year, we guess it makes sense that some fans would still be on the lookout for any sign of trash talk.

But folks, while we understand the desire to find conflict between these two, it looks like those days of strife have come to an end.

Jenni Confesses
Photo via MTV

Jenni and Angelina buried the hatchet on the most recent season of Shore, and it looks as though they’ve both moved on to more stable modes of existence.

Farley is engaged to Zack Carpinello, and it looks as though Angelina is content in her marriage to Chris Larangeira (though it can be tough to tell with those two).

Of course, it wouldn’t take much to bring those old tensions bubbling to the surface — in fact, Angelina could go nuclear just by delivering a speech at Jenni’s wedding!