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Jinger Duggar is reportedly trying to get as far away from her brother as she possibly can these days.

But she’s also trying to get much closer to God in the process.

How is she tackling this challenge?

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo on the Gram

The Counting On star and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, delved deeply into their personal beliefs and strategies in a recent interview with Fox News.

Even though Josh Duggar’s arrest on horrific child pornography charges was never directly brought up during the Q&A, let’s be honest:

This is the epically gigantic and disgusting elephant in any room these days when it comes to this family.

Jinger Duggar Flashes Some Thigh

As previously reported, Jinger has cut ties from Josh in the wake of his alleged actions (downloading over 200 photos/videos of minors being sexually abused via his workplace computer).

So, when she’s asked how her "faith" helps her "cope during tough times," which was one of the questions posed by Fox News?

We have to assume her response has a lot to do with Josh’s ongoing scandal.

"It’s definitely the foundation of my life. Whatever circumstance I’m going through, I filter everything through God’s word," Jinger told this outlet, elaborating as follows:

"It’s not just talking about God and having this understanding from the Bible that’s on paper."

"You need to know it’s real. You need to feel and see the reality of Christ’s love."

Jinger in Pants

"He gives us love in those difficult circumstances even if we don’t see it at that moment."

"But it’s there. I have hope because of Christ."

"Even with my circumstances, when the world’s turned upside down, everything’s seemingly out of control – there is such peace in my heart."

Jinger and Jeremy and Book

Jinger has been through a lot more than Josh’s arrest of late.

Over the past two years, her grandmother has passed away and Duggar suffered a miscarriage.

"Since sharing our story, I’ve heard from so many women who experienced the exact same thing," Jinger now says of going public about this tragic loss.

Jinger and Jeremy and Book

"Many of them have not been able to share their experiences with others and haven’t had people to fully understand how difficult it is."

No matter how one feels about Jinger, she should be applauded for helping others who have suffered a miscarriage.

They should know they aren’t alone.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy on YouTube

Elsewhere in this same interview, Jinger acknowledged that a third child may be on the way on the near future, telling Fox News:

"Maybe there will be a boy in there. I don’t know. We’ll see, we’re enjoying the girls right now. [But] that’d be cute."

Again, however, it all comes back to Josh Duggar these days.

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo Photograph

The Counting On stars said in a statement on April 30:

"We are disturbed to hear of the charges against Josh."

"While this case must go through the legal system, we want to make it clear that we absolutely condemn any form of child abuse and fully support the authorities and judicial process in their pursuit of justice."

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy on YouTube

Since that time, Jeremy has said that justice must be served.

This may mean that Josh does to jail for 40 years.

Jinger and Jeremy released a memoir this spring, too.

It’s getting extra attention these days because the entire world is talking about the former’s brother.

"We thought about writing a book for quite some time, and we just want to give a deeper look into our lives and the hope that motivates us every day," Jinger said of why they penned it.

"We know that at times, things can seem so hopeless."

Jinger Duggar With No Makeup

"And so that’s what drove us to share what gives us hope."

"We faced the good circumstances and bad circumstances."