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As you’ve no doubt heard by now, Josh Duggar was arrested on child pornography charges back in April.

His trial is scheduled for December, and to the surprise of many, the 33-year-old will be a free man until a verdict is rendered.

Yes, Josh is out on bail and living with family friends, the Reber family (read: people who want to get in good with the rich and powerful Jim Bob).

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Apparently, the arrangement isn’t going so well, as the Rebers called 911 during the first week of Josh’s conditional release.

Anyway, for most of us, the current Duggar scandal is pretty cut and dried:

Josh is a disgusting human being, and the sooner he goes to prison, the better.

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It’s the first thing all Americans have agreed on since the McRib!

Unfortunately, certain members of Josh’s family see things differently.

While some of them may have long ago recognized that the man is evil incarnate, others believe that he’s the victim of a massive conspiracy.

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For example, Josh’s wife, Anna Duggar, believes Joe Biden is to blame for her husband’s arrest.

Yes, as hard as it might be to believe, Anna is convinced that Josh is innocent, and having him falsely convicted is one of the new administration’s first orders of business.

And she’s not alone in that belief.

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According to YouTuber Katie Joy, Jim Bob remarked that Judge Timothy Brooks was appointed to Josh’s case as part of "a Biden conspiracy."

"The Duggar’s allegedly believe the Biden administration is out to get them," Joy wrote on her Instagram page this week.

"Honorable Timothy Brooks was appointed by Obama & presides over Josh Duggar’s sister’s case against the city/county for release of police reports related to Josh’s 2006 sexual assault investigation," she continued.

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But Joy also pointed to a recent tweet from Amy Duggar’s husband, Dillon King, in which he shot down the Duggars’ ludicrous conspiracy claims.

"Dillon scoffed at their delusional beliefs about Biden & says Josh should pay the price," she wrote.

"Then he liked a comment that Josh learned how [to] blame everyone but himself from his Dad who has cleaned up his messes for years."

Duggar and Dillon

"Believes the Biden Administration is out to get them…ha what a joke," Dillon tweeted.

"I’m sure the ‘dems are out to get them.’ Or maybe he F–ked up and did something horrible and he should pay the price," he added.

"Well, he learned from his Dad to blame everyone else for his ‘bad’ behavior. Daddy, was/is always there to clean it up."

Amy Duggar and Dillon King Pose

Yes, Jim Bob has stepped in on Josh’s behalf and helped his son evade prosecutors in the past, and it seems that this time will be no different.

Already, Jim Bob has pulled strings within the community so that Josh would have a place to stay upon his release.

Now, he’ll begin phase two of the operation, which will be focused on helping Josh avoid a conviction, which could land him behind bars for 20 years.

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It seems that Jim Bob’s first strategy is to try and discredit the judge in Josh’s case in hopes of having a new one appointed and delaying the trial.

Not only is Judge Brooks an Obama appointee, he denied a motion to dismiss the remaining claims over jurisdiction issues in Josh’s case against the city of Springdale.

Josh had sued the police department in his hometown, alleging that they leaked documents related to his molestation of his sisters.

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Unfortunately for Jim Bob, he doesn’t have the full support of his family these days.

Already, Amy Duggar has said that Josh cannot be trusted, and she implied that she thinks of him as "a monster."

Jim Bob’s daughter Jill has been similarly skeptical of her brother’s actions, and it’s beginning to look like Dillon is not the only one who thinks Jim Bob should back off and let the court decide.

Of course, that won’t happen as Jim Bob has clearly decided that he’s in the throes of some sort of personal battle against the US government.

We’ll have updates on this developing story as more information becomes available.