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Believe it or not, Amy Duggar has long been regarded as the black sheep of the Duggar family.

Yes, despite all of the appalling behavior that Josh has been accused of and the fact that he may soon get locked up on child porn charges, it’s Amy who Jim Bob warns his children against.

The funny thing is, Amy lives a pretty conventional — even conservative — life by the standards of most of society.

But Jim Bob will never forgive her for listening to secular music or serving alcohol at her wedding.

Amy Duggar with a Selfie
Photo via Instagram

In the wake of the latest Josh-related sex scandal, many have wondered what Amy has to say about her status as the family’s designated outsider, the bad influence whom children are taught to fear.

Generally, Amy subscribes to the old adage that living well is the best revenge.

Even when it would be easy for her to celebrate the Duggars’ downfall, she usually holds off.

Amy Duggar and Son and Hubby

Fans hoped that this time would be different, as it looks as though the Duggar dynasty is coming to an end.

And that’s something that Amy has probably been fantasizing about for years.

But the mother of one has taken an interesting approach to the situation, and that might be a disappointment for some of her followers.

Amy Duggar and Child
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She’s not going radio silent on social media like most of her family,

But she’s also commenting on Josh’s downfall without really saying anything about it directly.

Earlier this week, Amy posted a meme from the sitcom Community, which she used to make clear that there are very few people whom she trusts in life.

"Accurate," Amy captioned the meme, in case anyone had missed her meaning.

Fans are dissecting everything that Amy posts these days, partially because of everything that’s happened, and partially because she’s posting a lot less than usual.

Her followers seem to have taken that as a sign that when she does post, there’s some hidden importance to everything she says.

Interestingly, Amy’s first post after Josh’s arrest was a meme encouraging fans to be mindful of their mental health.

"Mental health checklist. ‘Tend to your triggers with love,’" she wrote.

"Talked to a friend – Complimented myself or someone – Said no when necessary – Let go of other people’s judgements – Asked for help when I needed it – Did something that inspired or motivated me," the meme read.

Photo via Instagram

"There is nothing wrong when admitting when you need “help” getting the proper care is so important for your overall health!

"Your brain must be healthy in order to be a healthy functioning person. There’s no shame in getting counseling, working through your trauma / family /relationship issues.

"It’s ok to not be good or fine, it’s ok to set boundaries and it’s ok to take appropriate medication," she added.

Amy and Daxton
Photo via Instagram

"Your mental health is what matters. Take good care of yourself, because you matter.  #mentalhealthawarenessmonth #itsokaynottobeokay"

Believe it or not, that’s a controversial stance within the Duggar clan.

Jim Bob is not a believer in mental illness — just like he doesn’t believe in the coronavirus.

Jim Bob Duggar: Father of the Groom

And there’s a sad irony in that, as if he had allowed his children to be treated for mental health issues, perhaps the family woudn’t be in such a sorry state these days.

Maybe even with counseling, Josh would have grown up to be a monster.

But maybe Jill Duggar wouldn’t have been forced to cut ties with her family if her parents had ever taken a moment to address her very legitimate concerns.

Jill and Amy Duggar in 2021!

Speaking of Jill, she seems to be the only member of her family who’s still on good terms with Amy.

The two of them have been spending a lot of time together lately, and just yesterday, they got together to pay tribute to their grandmother, who passed away in a tragic drowning accident in 2019.

Hey, TLC is gonna have a lot of free time on their programming schedule now that the Duggars have been canceled.

And we can’t think of a better way to fill it then with a Jill and Amy spin-off!