Prince Harry Will Get Bored and Dump Meghan Markle, Journalist Warns

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Before he met and married Meghan Markle, Prince Harry had a reputation as a hard-partying ladies' man.

How much of that was warranted and how much was an invention of the British tabloid is a matter of frequent debate among royal-watchers.

But there's no denying that Harry is living a much quieter and less chaotic life these days than when he was young and single.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: A Photo

He seems perfectly content with those developments, but there's a weird segment of blokes in the British press who are desperate for Harry to dump Meghan so that they can continue living vicariously through his royal scepter.

Yes, the UK media is crawling with middle-aged Piers Morgan types who love to spew fan fiction in which Harry kicks his wife and kids to the curb, gets his mojo back, and devotes the rest of his life to indiscriminate shagging like some millennial Austin Powers.

And now it seems the plague of man-babies who want to party with Haza has gone international:

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with Oprah

The latest grown nerd to accidentally go public with this fantasy isĀ Karl Stefanovic of Australia's Today show.

According to a new report in the Daily Mail viewers Down Under were upset by a recent segment in which Stefanovic commented on Harry's past after a montage of photos showing the Duke of Cambridge in his single days appeared on screen.

"He looked happier, too, when he was partying in Vegas, I'm just saying," Stefanovic said.

Prince Harry in Grey Suit

"Imagine when he lets off steam next time," the host continued.

Obviously, Karl's implication here is that Harry will either cheat on Meghan or divorce her.

Not a very charitable view on the Sussex's relationship, but unfortunately, it's not an uncommon one.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Under an Umbrella

From there, Stefanovic went into a more general attack on Harry and his priorities.

"I'm just saying it's ridiculous how he keeps whining about his childhood. He grew up in privilege - in a palace," the host ranted.

"I mean, just give it a rest, bro," Karl continued.,

Prince Harry In LA

"The guy doesn't need to go from his mansion and start rabbiting on about how hard life is when he has got enormous privilege, and to keep bagging his family," he advised.

"Just get on with it. Just get on with it. Take a lesson out of the Queen's book and just get on with it. Carry on. I'm not saying anything more about that... it's really riled me."

Yes, that's an unfortunately common argument among Harry haters.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: All Smiles!

The thinking is, the guy comes from a family that's known for showing very little emotion, therefore, he should live his life like some sort of emotionless cyborg.

These people tend to ignore the fact that Harry's beloved mother was literally killed by the pressures of royalty and nonstop scrutiny from the press, so his take on these institutions might be slightly different than those of previous generations.

Some of Stefanovic's comments came in response to a recent interview, in which Harry confirmed that his upbringing was difficult at times.

Meghan and Harry Talk Podcast

The thinking among folks like Karl is that Harry is rich, therefore, his entire life must have been a walk in the park -- even the part where was mother was taken from him at a formative age.

Obviously, that's ridiculous, but it's become a common method for discrediting Harry and Meghan in the wake of their Oprah interview, which has proven disastrous for the royal family's global reputation.

As for the stuff about Harry divorcing Meghan so that he can go back to non-stop partying -- well, that sounds like a simple case of projection.

We don't know if there's a Mrs. Stefanovich, but if there is, she might want to start going through her husband's phone!

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