Jenelle Evans Confuses Fans With Mixed Messages: I Can't Get Out of Bed But I'm So Happy, Dude!

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If you follow Jenelle Evans on social media, you might have noticed some inconsistent messaging in recent months.

One day, Jenelle has back and neck problems so bad that she can barely move; the next she's tossing her head around doing elaborate TikTok dances designed for teenagers.

One day, she's boasting about how happy she is, and the next she's throwing herself a "pitty [sic] party" and making David do all her household chores.

Jenelle's Pity Party

To be fair, David hasn't worked in years, and he probably should be doing all the chores in the house that Jenelle pays for, but that's a conversation for another time.

Anyway, Jenelle's followers are understandably a bit confused.

How is it that she can go from telling her fans that she's the happiest and healthiest she's ever been to being bed-ridden just hours later?

Jenelle Evans YouTube Photo

Many commenters have suggested that Jenelle might be suffering from substance abuse issues or some form of mental illness, but she's dismissed both of those theories.

Obviously, denial is common in cases of both addiction and depression, but it's not our place to diagnose Jenelle, so we'll take her at her word.

Instead of trying to pinpoint the cause of these abrupt changes in health and disposition, we'll simply document the radical shifts that have taken place over the past few weeks:

Jenelle Evans Tries to Seduce

When Jenelle was fired from the "Girl Sh-t" podcast last month, there were concerns that being so brutally and publicly rebuffed would send her on a downward spiral.

Evans responded with what looks, in retrospect, like a flurry of desperate overcompensation.

She started by repeatedly claiming that she had not been fired and had instead left the show willingly in order to launch a podcast of her own.

Deavan Clegg, Jenelle Evans Pic

This was easily disproven by comments from 90 Day Fiance star Deavan Clegg and others who were involved in the "Girl Sh-t" project.

From there, Jenelle changed the narrative with a video in which she revealed that she had recently gained weight and claimed that this was a natural consequence of her newfound happiness.

Commenters took issue with her conflation of happiness and weight gain and pointed out to Jenelle that there is no body type associated with emotional well-being.

Jenelle Evans Wears a Bikini on TikTok

"I was feeling totally insecure and feeling like I needed to something about my body or I wouldn't be loved," Evans said, describing her life in 2015.

"So I started going to the gym. Like damn, I looked good... but was I happy? No.

"Was I trying to impress people? Yeah. Acting like I was living my best life, but I wasn't happy."

Jenelle Is Injured

Evans went on to say that these days, she's blissfully happy, and that she's living a more sedentary life as a result.

Obviously, there are reasons for working out that go beyond the need to impress people, but Jenelle earns her living entirely from social media these days, so it's not surprising that she's so concerned with what her followers think.

Jenelle seemed to be in good spirits over Mother's Day weekend, having received a visit from her eldest son, Jace, who has been in his grandmother's custody since infancy.

Jenelle Evans, Mom and Son

As usual, there were some safety concerns surrounding Jenelle's kids and pets, but it looks as though no one was hurt, which is the most you can expect out of family time with the Easons.

Anyway, it seems that Jenelle came crashing back down to earth following the high of the holiday weekend.

She spent Monday in bed and announced to her followers that she had no intention of leaving her room that day.

Jenelle on Mother's Day 2021

We have no way of knowing what might have left Jenelle in such a sluggish state, but we do know that the burden of the household chores shifted to David, who was clearly not happy with this series of events.

"I gotta go get the kids, take them to lunch, the dog's tearing up something," a frustrated David complained in a TikTok Live video captured by the @KittyJakers Instagram account.

David Eason Eats Something

"The kids won't listen. It's time for me to start cooking," David ranted on.

"If there's a mail man in the driveway, you best believe I'm the one who's going down there. I'm not complaining. I'm just aggravated."

It sounds like he's complaining, of course, but it also sounds like he's been stuck with the lion's share of the household chores.

But since Jenelle's paying all the bills, maybe David should just quiet down and learn to accept his lot in life. Just a thought.

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