Jana Kramer: I Will Always Resent Mike for Destroying Our Family

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After years of tying their marriage's brand to Mike Caussin's cheating, Jana Kramer filed for divorce.

Though Jana continues to discuss Mike's betrayals, her tone is now very different.

Now, she's expressing her anger.

She will forever resent Mike for destroying their family.

Mike Caussin and Jana Kramer Looking Tense

On this week's podcast, in which Mike is no longer included, Jana began by thanking fans for their support.

She returned to the podcast last week, of course, for her first taping after the split.

Now, she is still in the thick of it.

Jana Kramer Cries on Instagram

"Divorce sucks," Jana expressed to her listeners.

"It's a really awful feeling," she admitted.

"I hate it," Jana affirmed. "I didn't want this."

Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin in 2019

However, Jana emphasized how she is trying to move forward emotionally.

"I have to get myself off the couch and find a way now to try," she stated.

Even so, Jana admitted that she was feeling "kinda numb" during the recording.

Jana Kramer Alone in 2019

Jana shared that she had had a "few good cries" earlier in the day.

She was, she acknowledged, still holding onto "a lot of anger."

The target of that anger was, of course, her ex.

Jana Kramer and Mike

"Right now I have a lot of resentment," Jana expressed.

She explained that she feels this way "because of how things are going."

Jana shared: "and it's making me just angry."

Mike Caussin and Jana Kramer Together

"Which I think I need to have a piece of angry," Jana reasoned.

She detailed: "So that way I don't get too sad."

Jana said more to her guest, life coach Cherie Healey.

Jana Kramer in Bed

"I made the right decision," Jana affirmed.

"But," she admitted, "I am starting to feel a little too much ..."

"I feel like someone is just take, take, take, taking," Jana expressed.

Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin, Four Years Later

"You took everything," she spoke, directing her ire at Mike, who was not present.

"You took my family away from me," Jana accused.

"That's where I'm stuck right now," she explained, "at being angry."

Jana Kramer Talks About Anxiety

Jana shared that Mike had asked whether he could come home (to her home).

His goal was to visit and build bird houses with their 5-year-old, Jolie, and 2-year-old, Jace.

"He hasn't moved into his new place," Jana began.

Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin Image

"So," she continued, "I let him come and see the kids, obviously."

"And then I went out there," Jana recalled.

"But," she admitted, "then I got struck with this emotion, like, this isn't real."

Mike Caussin and Jana Kramer Enjoy the View

"I'm not ready to do this yet," Jana confessed.

"I would have loved to have done this," she recalled feeling, "but I'm still mad ..."

"I would love to do that, but I gotta go to the room," Jana further stated. "I can't do this right now."

Happy Anniversary to Mike and Jana!

Jana fears that she is "going to resent him for the rest of my life."

She will resent him "for breaking up our family."

"And," Jana continued, "that seems so heavy to carry."

Jana and Mike Celebrate 4 years of Marriage!

"I was dreaming that it was always something that it wasn't," Jana lamented.

She admitted: "I don't know if that image is actually real."

Jana then added: "It was real in my dreams."

Mike Caussin and Jana Kramer in 2015

"It's real that I made it up that it was this happy family," Jana continued.

"That's what I'm losing," she explained.

Jana is losing "this idea of what I've dreamt and prayed and fought for."

Jana Kramer Embraces Mike Caussin

This podcast of course comes right on the heels of her celebrating Mother's Day.

It was, significantly, her first as a single mom.

Motherhood, Jana reflects, is the best thing that came from her relationship with Mike.

Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin: A Photo

"The last month I kept saying 'why,'" Jana expressed.

"Well now I know the why," she shared.

"It was so I could be a mommy to these two incredible babies," Jana raved.

Jana Kramer on Red Carpet

"Being chosen as your mom will always be the greatest chapters of my life," Jana praised.

"Happy Mother's Day to all the mommas out there," she added, "however that looks."

Clearly, she is still adjusting to her new normal.

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