Jenelle Evans: Fired From ANOTHER Endorsement Deal! (And Forced to Return Louis Vuitton Bag!)

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It's not easy for Jenelle Evans to make a living these days.

It's been two years since Jenelle was fired from Teen Mom 2, and the way she spends, you can be certain that the last of her MTV money is long gone.

Of course, Evans still has millions of followers on Instagram, which means she should be able to land some lucrative sponsored content deals -- but she's engaged in so much appalling behavior over the years that no brand in its right mind would want anything to do with her.

Jenelle on Her TikTok

But amazingly, somehow, Jenelle keeps tricking companies into entering partnerships with her.

It's anyone's guess why she persists in doing this, as the deals blow up in her face 100 percent of the time.

The latest example of this hilarious phenomenon is Jenelle's ill-fated deal with a company called Rock and Leather Bags.

Jenelle Evans Tries to Seduce

Now, we don't want to throw this little start-up under the bus, as it sounds like a good brand run by good people.

Rock and Leather sells repurposed luxury bags and strives to raise awareness of mental health issues within the US military.

But owner Erika Newman effed up big time in partnering with Jenelle, and she ran the risk of seriously alienating her customer base.

Jenelle Wears a Mask

Amazingly, it seems Newman knew about the incident in which Jenelle's husband, David Eason, beat and killed the family dog in front of his kids.

She says she was okay with that because it was Jenelle, not David, whom she sought to partner with.

(Jenelle, of course, is the one who's chosen to stay with David despite the many incidents in which he's traumatized her kids, but that's a discussion for another time.)

Jenelle Attempts a Flex

“We sent Jenelle a bag because she was one of the few influencers who reached back out to us when we still had a tiny following," Newman told UK tabloid The Sun in a recent interview.

“We thought people could separate what her husband had done from her promoting us because he was in no way involved.”

That's some pretty dubious reasoning, but the partnership wound up being short-lived anyway, as a result of a different deplorable incident from Jenelle's past.

Jenelle And Her Bag

Yes, Jenelle has engaged in just about every sort of misconduct over the years, so if you're not offended by one awful thing she's done, we're sure you can find something else that will disgust you.

For Newman it was the incident in which Jenelle wished death on a soldier who was about to be deployed overseas for active duty.

(Don't feel bad if you forgot about that one. Evans has done so many terrible things that it's impossible to remember them all.)

Jenelle Evans in Weird Hat

“We had absolutely no idea about the video that surfaced of her wishing death on a soldier until after she promoted us and many people sent it to us," Newman told The Sun.

“After seeing that, we reached out to Jenelle for comment and she basically said she has nothing against the military. It still didn’t sit right with us," she continued.

“The biggest issue was people being more concerned about working with her than what our message was about and that was a huge problem.”

Jenelle Selfie Alert

The situation probably calls for slightly stronger condemnation than that, but at least Newman did the right thing eventually:

Not only did she cut ties with Jenelle, she made her return the Louis Vuitton bag that the company had sent her.

We can only hope that she made Ms. Evans pay for return shipping, too.

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