Jenelle Evans Reacts to Shocking Medical Diagnosis

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Jenelle Evans has opened up to fans about a recent medical diagnosis.

She says it explains a lot about why she's been in so much pain of late.

And she says the reveal has left her shocked, scared and, by the sound of it, just generally shaken to her core

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Via a YouTube vlog titled "My Neck, My Back," Evans explained on Monday evening that she had been diagnosed with the rare spinal disorder syringomyelia.

That's a long word -- and not one you see very often, we know.

More simply put, Syringomyelia is the development of a cyst within the spinal cord; it causes pain and weakness and, in some cases, can lead to paralysis.

The symptoms include headaches, pain in the neck, arms and back, loss of reflexes and muscle weakness and wasting.

Jenelle Is Injured

One can easily see why Jenelle is so frightened, right?

"It's pretty concerning. That's not good. None of this is good," the 29-year old mother of three said in her latest video while she fought back tears.

Evans added that she's been battling daily headaches and dealing with her neck "cracking 10 times a day."

She said all this just a few weeks after alleging that doctors messed up her spinall surgery and left her unable to walk.

Jenelle Is In the Hospital

Last week, meanwhile, Jenelle underwent an MRI, which revealed the cyst in her spine that led to this diagnosis.

The reality star apparently had just learned about it when she jumped on YouTube because she admitted she hadn't spoken to her doctor about the results and was trying hard NOT to "jump to conclusions."

"I have head shaking too, it's kind of embarrassing, it feels like a tremor," continued Jenelle.

"My hands are not that steady and my fingertips are numb most of the time."

The Easons Pic

It's easy to often make fun of Jenelle Evans, of course.

It's easy to drag her for being ignorant and racist and a danger to her kids.


"It's kind of scary. I feel like slowly I'm losing my ability in my hands and I really need that. I really need my hands!" Jenelle said on Monday, prompting us to just have sympathy for her at the moment.

Jenelle Evans Might Be High

Jenelle proceeded to discuss possible courses of action, saying she might be able to have the cyst removed.

"It's just, like, your life is off course. I have my kids here and my work is online.

"A lot of things are going through my mind right now," she concluded, prior to ending on a positive note.

"Hopefully I won't be in pain anymore and it'll be great," she said of the possible cyst removal.

Jenelle Evans and Her Trunk

Again, we don't say this often.

And Evans doesn't deserve to hear it often.

But we do wish her the best in this case.

Just like David Eason, it sounds like this condition totally sucks.

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