Thomas Ravenel Blasts Patricia Altschul: I Can PROVE She's a Racist! Fire Her Like You Fired Me!

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You know those heartbreaking moments when the worst person you can think of is actually right about something?

Well, hunker down, Southern Charm fans. That's what's happening right now.

Disgraced former reality star and failed politician Thomas Ravenel is putting fan-favorite Patricia Altschul on blast.

And as her appallingly racist home decorations are exposed, it looks like he's right for once.

Thomas Ravenel on Charm

It started with an article from earlier this year.

Wait, no. It started with a feud. Or it started centuries ago with the advent of racism.

Regardless, Thomas recently found some major ammo for his long-running grudge.

Patricia Altschul on Instagram

AllAboutTheTea published an article this March.

The article provided a thorough look at some appalling, racist decor allegedly found in Patricia Altschul's home.

Though Patricia is widely considered a fan-favorite, the contents of the article were alarming at best.

Madison LeCroy, Patricia Altschul, and Craig Conover

The article appeared to show Confederate flags integrated into house decorations, including a Christmas tree.

Most Christmas trees do not feature flags at all, let alone notorious racist symbols with no redeeming value.

For evidence, the article also showed what appeared to be Patricia posing beside an identical tree ... without the flags.

Thomas Ravenel Mug Shot

Thomas is no longer part of Southern Charm following public accusations that he is a rapist.

But he still takes time out of his busy schedule as a rich manchild and overt douchecanoe to go on impulsive rants on social media.

This was not his first time targeting Patricia Altschul, but this time ... he may have made some real points.

Thomas Ravenel tweet - Patricia Altschul racist decor

"Typical ornaments one will see at Pat Altschul’s home," Thomas tweeted.

He shared photos appearing to show alarmingly racist memorabilia dating back to generations ago.

He then shaded: "I wonder why Bravo never captures them on the show?"

Thomas Ravenel tweet - Patricia Altschul confederate tree

"From the home of #SouthernCharm matriarch Patricia Altschul," Thomas captioned another tweet.

Here he showed the photo of what appears to be Patricia's tree ... complete with Confederate flags.

Whether or not the flags are removed for public photos ... they should not be there, or anywhere.

Thomas Ravenel tweet - Patricia Altschul *****bilia racist pun

"Hey, I came up with a nifty alliteration!" Thomas quote-tweeted himself.

"So you think it’s cool to have a 'n----bilia collection' that you show off to your guests," he tweeted.

"And," Thomas continued, "have POC being portrayed in degrading ways in much of your shelf shit? Pray tell..."

Thomas Ravenel tweet patricia altschul can burn in hell

Now, obviously, this is not Thomas' first time taking shots at Patricia.

He has said cruel, inexcusable things about his former castmate for many years.

Most of his past rants were ... well, see for yourself.

Thomas Ravenel patricia altschul tweets 01 or 02

As you can see, Thomas does not usually have this kind of ammunition against Patricia.

Slaveowner symbols and memorabilia are disgusting artifacts of an evil time in our history.

Thomas seemed to be absolutely giddy to find this dirt against his 80-year-old foe.

Thomas Ravenel patricia altschul tweets 02 or 02

"I’m going to take my dad’s advice and move on from all this Pat stuff," Thomas later tweeted.

"Although he’s 94, he’s still sharp as a tack," he explained.

Thomas shared: "He told me to “move on, it’s boring.'"

Thomas Ravenel tweet - my dad said to stop tweeting about Patricia

This is a mess, but we should keep in mind that Thomas being vile doesn't make him wrong here.

Is he calling out Patricia in bad faith? Almost certainly, knowing what we do about him.

But that doesn't make him wrong. If she has these decorations ... why?

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