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Javi Marroquin has never come off as the deepest thinker.

We don’t mean that he’s dumb, necessarily – he just doesn’t strike us as someone who engages in much introspection.

So when Javi messes up – which he does with astonishing frequency – it can take him a while to understand the gravity of what he’s done.

Lauren and Javi Marroquin Pic

For example, last year, Javi tried to have sex with Kailyn Lowry in a gas station parking lot.

She turned him down, and he was apparently surprised by the rejection.

When Javi’s fiancee, Lauren Comeau, found out about the incident, she immediately dumped him, and apparently that came as a surprise as well.

Lauren Comeau with Javi Marroquin

As far as we can tell, Javi spent the past seven months in a state of shock over the fact that he’s actually facing some consequences.

In fact, it’s only now that Javi is finally processing all of this and discussing it openly.

Marroquin was apparently in a reflective mood over the weekend.

The Teen Mom 2 star posted this picture of the ocean along with an epic-length Instagram caption about life and stuff, man.

“It’s not often that I have some serious time to sit down and reflect on my life."

"These last 2 years have been some hard years to get by," Javi wrote.

Lauren with Javi Marroquin

"I wonder and question when I’ll ever get out of the season I’m in. then I think OK, God put me here for a reason,” he continued.

Yes, for Javi, self-reflective moods and self-pitying ones are often the same.

“A friend of mine told me your last few years have been so unstable and that’s a s–ty feeling to live with," he added.

A Much-Needed Break

"I drove 3 hours to this place thinking about my life and she summed it up in 1 sentence," he continued.

"I had everything I wanted. Everything I dreamed of and I messed it up."

Up to this point, Javi has been speaking primarily about himself, which is what he does best.

Javi Marroquin, Lauren Comeau and Family

But don’t worry, he eventually switched gears and addressed the topic of Lauren – and how her actions have affected him.

“The greatest person in my life I hurt … not sure if it’ll ever be repairable but I pray it is and one day it’ll go back to how it should’ve always been," Marroquin wrote.

"I live with that hurt every day.”

Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau are Engaged!
(Courtesy of Javi Marroquin)

Apparently, Javi wants us to pity him because he has to live with the guilt of cheating on his fiancee.

In the bathroom, allegedly, with some girl he knows from CrossFit.

While she slept, unstairs in their house. Until she walked in.

Javi and Lauren on Vacation

Details, right?

Of course, the first time Javi cheated on Lauren, he issued a public apology and she took him back.

But the man is really, really gonna have to step his apology game up if he’s hoping for the same outcome.

Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau: Engagement Pic
(Courtesy of Javi Marroquin)

“Choose your hard and fight for it at all costs," Javi wrote, closing out his caption with some advice for his followers.

"Not really sure where I’m going with this but just be kind. Everyone is battling their own issues,” he concluded.

To be fair, he made a valid point at the end there — but the rest of it was pure drivel.

Comeau and Marroquin

Javi put this poor woman through hell, and now he wants people to feel bad for him because he’s actually experiencing some consequences?

That’s some s–t right there.

Look, we wish the guy no harm, and we hope he’s able to internalize these lessons so that when he’s feeling tempted in his next relationship, he’ll just go home and take a cold shower or something.

Lauren Comeau Chills with Javi

But if the man is making all these public pleas for compassion because he’s hoping to win Lauren back yet again?

Well, then, he probably hasn’t learned much at all.