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We knew David Eason and Nathan Griffith had ended their feud.

We knew the husband of Jenelle Evans and the former Teen Mom star’s first baby daddy had buried any and all hatchets this past October after Griffith told us as much.

“David is a lot more aggressive than me,” Nathan said during an Instagram Live session at the time.

evans and co

“But some of his thoughts and philosophies actually run hand-in-hand with mine."

That was all well and good to hear, of course, especially because there are multiple young kids at the center of what had been an intense rivalry between Eason and Griffith.

And yet… THIS?

We didn’t expect THIS between Eason and Griffith.

Both Evans and Eason went live on TikTok a few days ago when the latter read out loud a comment he received from a viewer suggesting that “Jenelle was sleeping with Nathan last year.”

The couple laughed at this suggestion, and then delved deeply into the situation.

“Oh my God, hell no,” Jenelle said in the background after David relayed the remark to viewers and listeners.

The Easons Pic

“That never happened,” she said.

To be clear, Eason and Evans were separated at one point in the past. Probably more than one point in the past.

Jenelle made it sound like she was done with her abusive husband in late 2019, alleging she was gonna file for divorce.

Jenelle Evans YouTube Photo

Of course, the permanent split never happened, but David did acknowledge that they went through a rough patch then.

“Do you know, it wasn’t even last year that me and and Jenelle broke up, it was the year before last?" David said online in this case, referencing their temporary split.

This is when David then dropped his bombshell.

Jenelle Evans Shared a Recording of David Eason Abusing His Daughter

“But do you know that when she was in Tennessee, she was telling me how Nathan was acting, so, we three-wayed him," Eason admitted.

Wait, what? Come again, you bigoted sociopath?!?

Quickly realizing the term he just used — and, specifically, how it’s often associated with three individuals engaging in a sex act simultaneously — Eason clarified:

“Well, she put me on three-way whenever he said, ‘Call me, call me, call me.’ I listened to their conversations and it was hilarious.”

Oh. Okay then.

Eason means that he, Nathan and Jenelle were on the phone at the same time back in the day.

He doesn’t mean he had his wife, like, bent over or something like that, and was thrusting himself inside her while she, like, took Griffith’s erect member into her mouth on the other end.

Not saying that. Got it.

David and Jenelle Eason Forever

Jenelle and Nathan started dating in 2013, and she welcomed their son, Kaiser, the following year.

They actually got engaged in early 2015, but broke up later that year.

They’ve had a nasty custody battle over their son almost ever since.

Jenelle, Nathan Pic

How had has it gotten? Bad. Even by Jenelle standards.

As recently as June of last year, as a matter of fact, Nathan accused Eason of assaulting Kaiser.

But then apparently made peace with David, partly because both are Donald Trump supporters.

And they say Donnie wasn’t a uniter!

Jenelle and David at a Pot Dispensary

"I just think David has a problem representing himself professionally," Griffith said last fall, making an enormous understatement.

"Some of his philosophies and the way he thinks is not totally wrong.

"I’m not going to sit here just because I like the guy or don’t like the guy, and say something biased that I think he’s doing something wrong."

David Eason, Wife

Added Griffith: “I know Jenelle as an individual, and I know sometimes she can piss people off."

"But at the same time, I know David has the same flare as Jenelle and I know he can piss people off."

"As individuals, we need to be more tactful in how we handle situations."

Jenelle Evans and David Eason in NY

Yes. That is David Eason’s problem. A lack of tact.

“My son said he hasn’t been whipped by David for the last three months!” Nathan told his followers, seemingly in all seriousness.

“He said David doesn’t even whip him anymore!”

Jenelle and Nathan Half-Naked

When David no longer whipping somebody is considered progress, we’re talking about a very low bar, to say the least.

Still, we’re very glad to hear this.