Royal Family "Livid" After Prince Harry Compares Royal Childhood to Living in a Zoo

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Prince Harry has spoken for years about the absolute misery of growing up within the royal family.

In a recent interview, the soon-to-be father of two compared his childhood in the spotlight to life in a "zoo."

A report claims that his extended family back in England found this truth to be "hurtful."

His brother and father are reportedly chomping at the bit for a private talk with Harry.

Prince Harry on Oprah

Prince Harry compared royal life to "a mix between The Truman Show and being in a zoo."

Now, an inside source has spoken to In Touch Weekly about the royals' reactions.

"The queen is unimpressed with Harry's latest interview, the insider began.

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"And," the source continued, the queen "found it hurtful," while William and Charles are "livid too."

The insider added: "It hasn't done their relationship any favors."

The same source shared that Prince Charles and Prince William are "livid too."

Meghan Markle and Harry Interview

According to the insider, Harry's father and brother wish that Harry would "discuss" all of this in private.

They understand that he has these "opinions."

But they strongly wish that he would only air them behind closed doors.

Prince William and Harry

A second source confirms that, as always the queen "still has a soft spot for Harry."

However, the first insider sternly warns that "it definitely hasn't helped with healing the rift."

The broader family, it seems, feels more threatened by Harry making accurate public statements.

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“They feel it was thoughtless and irresponsible of Harry to once again shade The Firm," the first source complained.

The insider noted that this is still "so soon after Prince Philip’s death."

The source worried about Harry speaking out "while the queen is still mourning the death of her husband.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: All Smiles!

Prince Harry was being interviewed by Dax Shepard and cohost Monica Padman.

He was prompted, asked whether growing up royal felt like "being in a cage," gilded or otherwise.

“It’s the job right? Grin and bear it. Get on with it," Harry replied.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on CBS

“I was in my early 20s and I was thinking I don’t want this job, I don’t want to be here," Harry recalled.

"I don’t want to be doing this," he affirmed.

Harry noted: "Look what it did to my mum," referring to the late Princess Diana.

Meghan and Harry Talk Podcast

"How am I ever going to settle down and have a wife and family," Harry recalled asking himself.

How could he do so "when I know it’s going to happen again."

“I’ve seen behind the curtain, I’ve seen the business model," Harry said of his family.

Prince Harry on a Bus

"I know how this operation runs and how it works," Harry affirmed.

He recalled thinking: "I don’t want to be part of this.”

Harry emphasized that the “biggest issue” was “being born into it, you inherit the risk that comes with it … without choice.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with Oprah

We can all recognize that being celebrity kids can be a special sort of burden, for the kids of movie stars to the Kardashian grandchildren.

But for the royal family, this burden is much greater, as they must also act as expensive mascots and are required from birth to leech off of British taxpayers.

As always, we congratulate Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan on getting away from that miserable existence.

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