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If you’re a Jersey Shore fan, then by now, you’ve almost certainly caught wind of the latest drama to raise questions about the show’s future.

We’re talking of course, about the news that Ronnie Magro has been arrested on domestic violence charges for a second time.

Magro was released on bail, and it seems that he won’t face felony domestic abuse charges.

But the primary reason for that is the fact that Magro’s girlfriend, Safire Matos, has refused to testify, a sadly common occurrence in instances of domestic assault.

Ronnie on Air

Regardless of whether or not Ronnie experiences any legal repercussions, the 35-year-old has already been convicted in the court of public opinion — and with good reason.

Not only has he been arrested for assaulting two different women in the span of two years, Magro also demonstrated some seriously problematic behavior during his early years on Jersey Shore.

And now, fans are re-examining Ronnie’s relationship with Sammi Giancola.

Ronnie and Sammi Giancola

They’re also taking a closer look at interviews in which his castmates — especially Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi — defended his actions.

Ronnie and Snooki have always shared a close relationship, albeit one that has changed considerably over the years.

They used to be the founding members of the day-drinking “Spiral Squad,” but now Magro is sober.

Snooki and Ronnie

And Snooki used to side with Ron when he clashed with his girlfriends — but that’s not such a great look these days.

As you’re probably aware, Snooki quit Jersey Shore last year, but she’s returning for the show’s upcoming season, which is set to debut in June.

Now, however, Shore fans on Reddit are taking a closer look at a 2018 interview in which Nicole seemed to defend Ron while making light of abuse suffered by Sammi.

“We don’t want her to come and not be comfortable and not be miserable,” Snooki told The Wrap in 2018.

“[Given] the fact that she wasn’t into it, it was good that she didn’t come — it wouldn’t have benefitted anyone. I’m bummed that she wasn’t involved, but we still did it [laughs].”

Asked about the sex doll that was used to “replace” Sammi on the cast, Snooki said she was uncomfortable at first, but eventually, she saw the humor in the situation.

Sammi Sweetheart Pre-Summer Selfie

“At first, we were like, ‘Oh my god, this is terrible.’ But at the same time, if she was there, it wouldn’t have happened,” Polizzi explained.

“So it’s like, this is what happens when you don’t come,” Snooki continued.

“The girls would’ve had her back, we would’ve took her out. We could’ve made it work.”

Jersey Girls Forever

On Reddit, Shore fans were deeply critical of Snooki’s comments, with some going so far as to say Sammi might have returned to the show if she felt she could rely on support from her friends.

“Why Sammi won’t come back,” the original poster wrote on Reddit.

“Article from 2018 highlights how completely unempathetic Nicole and the rest of the cast still were towards Sammi after wrapping up JSFV 1.”

Ronnie Magro-Ortiz on Zoom

“I remember calling Ron out as an abuser and the type to hit women from way back in the beginning, especially during season 2 when Sammi started to look and act like a scared battered wife,” another added.

“If I could see that as a viewer, they damn sure saw it.”

A third user argued in favor of Snooki, claiming that she was merely demonstrating the sense of humor that helped make Shore such a surprise hit.

Snooki Snaps Selfie

“I don’t think Nicole or Deena sounded unempathetic. The doll was creepy, they wanted her to come back, but she didn’t,” this person argued.

“SO? If she was happy and didn’t want to come back, they got it.”

There’s a fine line between defending a troubled friend and enabling abuse, and it’s up to Shore viewers to decide for themselves if Snooki crossed it.

But one thing is certain — it looks as though the future of MTV’s most popular reality show is seriously in doubt these days.