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Well, we certainly didn’t see this one coming!

Last week, Maci Bookout got Ryan Edwards’ family fired from Teen Mom OG.

Now, in a stunning turn of events, it seems Maci is embarking on a major business venture with Ryan’s wife, Mackenzie Standifer!

Maci and Mackenzie

In a joint statement that appeared on both women’s Instagram pages this afternoon, Maci and Mackenzie revealed that they’ve patched up their differences and have decided to collaborate on a podcast.

The show will focus on the struggles Maci and Mackenzie faced both as teen moms, and as partners of the infamous Ryan Edwards.

Considering it was only a few days ago that Ryan was trashing his ex in the press, it’s more than a little surprising that his current wife has decided to team up with Maci.

And juding by Mack and Maci’s Instagram announcement, the podcasting duo won’t be pulling any punches when it comes to their discussions of Ryan and his many, many shortcomings.

"Baby daddies. Every mom has one, and whether you’re still married to the sperm donor or not, we all know it’s baby daddies, not baby mamas, who create all the drama," the post read.

"Too often, these deadbeats create tension between the women they impregnate, and we’re here to say enough is enough.

"Each week on ‘Teen Moms, Too,’ MTV star Maci Bookout and former MTV star Mackenzie Standifer (lolzy) will talk about the unique challenges that come with becoming a mom while you’re still in high school," the co-hosts continued.

"And yes, we’ll be talking about what it’s like to have a kid by someone like Ryan who, let’s face it, has some serious problems.

"As you probably know, Ryan is an addict, an ex-con, and a pretty crappy dad. Worse, he has prematurely gray hair that makes him look like he’s auditioning for a gender-swapped reboot of The Golden Girls."

Ryan Edwards' Gray Hair

At that point, the women clarified that they’re just having a little fun with Ryan:

"We kid Ryan because we love him!" they continued.

"But seriously, living with the guy has not been easy. And don’t even get us started on having a kid with him!

"That’s why at the end of each episode, we’ll bringing Bentley’s dad out for a segment we call ‘Ryan Rants.’

Mackenzie and Ryan Edwards Together

"After we’re done bashing this doofus for everything he did wrong that week, we’ll read some of our favorite tweets about Ryan.

"So start throwing that shade, and make sure to use the hashtag #RyanRants for a chance to be featured in our premiere episode."

Obviously, bashing Ryan is all well and good — hell, it’s one our favorite activities here at THG! — but the thing we’re really curious about is how Maci and Mackenzie came to be friends after so many years of animosity.

Maci Defeats Ryan

Fortunately, it seems the former Teen Mom OG co-stars will address that elephant in the room during their debut episode.

"We know, we know — y’all think we hate each other. But actually, Mac and Mack are total besties these days, and we can’t wait to tell you how it all happened," they wrote.

"Spoiler: It all started when we both showed up at jail to bail Ryan out on the same night!"

Ryan Edwards and Family Photo

Yes, it sounds like "Teen Moms, Too" will be a must-listen podcast.

Or rather, it would be — if it weren’t for the fact that it’s just an April Fools’ Day joke we dreamed up!

Sorry, for pulling your chain, but hey — Maci and Mackenzie, if you’re reading this, it’s not a bad idea, right?

Just make sure to give us credit if you go with it!