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Remember back in the early days of Teen Mom 2 when so much of Jenelle Evans’ drama had to do with her tumultuous relationship with Kieffer Delp?

Man, who would have thought that entire mess could ever be referred to as “the good old days”?

But for Jenelle, it really seems like they were — sure, she and Kieffer didn’t have a healthy relationship by any stretch of the imagination, but he was still the best boyfriend she ever had.

For all of the arrests and the drug use, he really did seem to care about her, and she never claimed that he was abusive, which is something that can’t be said for any of the other guys she was with on the show.

The bar, as they say, is in hell.

Jenelle and Kieffer started dating in 2010, and while they broke up and got back together several times, they split for good in the fall of 2012.

Since then, they’ve both been pretty busy.

Jenelle started dating her first husband, Courtland Rogers, about a week after breaking up with Kieffer, then they got married, then about a month after that she got back with another ex, Gary Head.

She flip-flopped between Gary and Courtland for a bit, then met Nathan Griffith and got pregnant with Kaiser not too long after that.

A little over a year after Kaiser was born, Jenelle and Nathan broke up, and a month later, she was with David Eason, and we all know how that’s been going.

The Easons Pic

As for Kieffer, we don’t know as much about what he’s been up to because, you know, he didn’t have his own reality show.

We do know that he went to prison in 2018 for having a meth lab in his apartment, and that he was released in 2020 but went back to prison a few months later for violating parole.

Last month, he was released once again, and since then, he’s been reconnecting with Teen Mom 2 fans on Twitter.

And believe it or not, it seems like he’s still got some feelings for his old flame.

Photo via Twitter

Earlier this week, someone posted a video of Jenelle dancing on TikTok and captioned it “If ‘no rhythm’ was a person” — because she’s not the most graceful dancer, get it?

Kieffer somehow saw the tweet, and not only did he see it, but he felt moved to respond to it.

“All yu n—as need to stop hatin on mah bitch fr she up there doin her thug thizzle,” he wrote.

Take as much time with that as you need.

… Ready?


Is that honestly Kieffer Delp referring to Jenelle Evans as “mah bitch” in the year 2021?!

And he’s defending her honor, too?

What is a “thug thizzle”?

This one single tweet raises so many questions, but if you can even stand it, this is isn’t even the first time he’s tweeted about her since he’s been a free man.

When he saw someone make fun of her recent weight gain, going as low as to call her “Porknelley,” he replied “Yu shouldn’t talk about other human beings like that.”

The same person told him that Jenelle had been posting clickbait about him and his “misfortunes,” and to that he said “What misfortunes i dont care bout none a dat if she can get a lil bread tell her get it i aint hatin.”

Jenelle Selfie Alert

And when someone else argued that she doesn’t deserve that bread, Kieffer wrote “She seems to be doin fine someone doesnt always have to be doin bad for someone to be doin good ya dig.”

Like we said earlier, their relationship was definitely a disaster, but it’s still oddly nice to see him defending her, isn’t it?

What won’t be so nice, we’re sure, is David reacting to this.

But until then, let’s just enjoy this while we can, OK?