Jenelle Evans: On the Verge of Bankruptcy?!?

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Jenelle Evans has always been desperatee for attention.

That isn't exactly breaking news.

But the former Teen Mom 2 star, who was just recently on the verge of a breakthrough business opportunity -- prior to getting fired -- now appears wildly desperate for something else.

Jenelle Snapshot

You can guess what it is based on the headline above, right?

Jenelle Evans is now desperate for money.

The ex-MTV personality hasn't really had a stready job since getting fired by producers about two years ago because her husband shot and killed her family dog and Child Protective Services took away her kids for a month.

She just came so close, however.

Jenelle Wears a Mask

The mother of three spent multiple days this month promoting a brand new podcast -- only to then reportedly get canned after her co-hosts realized that she was a terrible person.

According to 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates, Deavan Clegg was set to appear on the podcast opposite Evans... until she learned about the whole dog murder thing.

“Deavan wasn’t aware of Jenelle’s backstory…she did not know about Jenelle’s past,” John wrote a couple weeks ago.

"When Deavan brought it up to the powers that be and voiced her concerns, as well as the other people on the podcast voiced their concerns about Jenelle’s checkered past, that was enough for Jenelle to get fired.”

Deavan Clegg, Jenelle Evans Pic

Evans has claimed she's still a producer on the podcast and still has some role on the show... but she's also lamented getting cut from the air due to something that happened so long ago.

"It’s pretty s--tty of a person to try to hold something against someone that happened years ago – like, we talk about all the time – to ruin their opportunities in life,” she ranted on a recent Instagram video.

“Like, that’s s--tty. That’s really s--tty. you know, I thought, you know, I chose a good group of a girls and sometimes things don’t work out they way it’s planned, that’s OK.

"There’s always hiccups in life,” she concluded.

Jenelle Selfie Alert

This is all a preamble to state the following:

Evans has no real job once again. And it's not as though her violent and bigoted husband, David Eason, is bringing home any real bucks.

Hence, perhaps, why Jenelle wrote "Feeling like a new woman" on social media on Wednesday, tagging a local salon and a few stylists in the process.

She later added that she and daughter Ensley "Finally got our haircut," also linking to a stylist in her caption.

Jenelle Evans Hugs Jace

It didn't take long from here for fans to jump on Reddit to slam the reality star, as one wrote:

"Since she is so desperate for money, she should go for a sponsorship from McDonalds. Get the Golden Arches tattooed where her eyebrows used to be (RIP), and just call it a day."

We guess she could do that.

If Evans is truly in need... if she is really on the verge of losing her home or something... if bankruptcy is a legitimate option... then no type of sponsorship agreement should be off the table.

Hot Mess Express

Jenelle does record plenty of videos for her YouTube channel these days.

But she only has 195,000 subscribers, not really a ton in the grand scheme of social media; definitely not enough on which one could support a family.

One has to wonder if she even got paid by the aforementioned hairstylists -- or if she simply received a free haircut in return for the Instagram shout-out.

One also has to wonder what comes next for the very polarizing star.

Jenelle Evans Video Still

With Jenelle battling for custody of her oldest son, and with no network anxious to film her often-dangerous exploits, the future appears dark for Evans and her loved ones.

We'd say we don't care because Jenelle Evans mostly sucks.

But she has very young human beings at home whose well-being she's responsible for, along with a husband who is more likely to kill one of their pets than ever get a real job.

For their sake, we therefore hope Jenelle manages to turn things around. Some way. Somehow.

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