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Say what you will about Jenelle Evans, the woman is nothing if not consistent.

She consistently puts herself first, makes terrible decisions, and dates the absolute worst men she can find.

Jenelle in Nashville

These days, Jenelle is back with David Eason, and we probably don’t need to fill you in on the many atrocious acts of which he’s guilty.

(David killing Jenelle’s dog isn’t even the worst thing he’s done in the past year, which is really, really saying a lot.)

But Jenelle’s long, long history of dating the absolute dregs of society goes back to her very earliest days in the spotlight.

In fact, the list of Jenelle’s former soul mates who haven’t done time is shorter than the list of ones who have.

Jenelle Evans: Christmas Was SO Much Better Without David Eason!

Most of these guys are forgettable, but a few have earned places in the Teen Mom Exes Hall of Shame.

Take Kieffer Delp, for example.

Better known to fans as "Kieffa" in honor of Barbara Evans unforgettable pronunciation, Mr. Delp is rapidly proving himself to be the among the most loser-y of Jenelle’s exes, which is no small feat.

Back in 2018, Delp was arrested for running a meth lab out of his home.


He was sentenced to 36 months in a Pennsylvania prison.

After serving 18 months, he was paroled on account of good behavior.

Unfortunately, it seems Kieffer was unable to continue following the rules once he regained his freedom.

According to a new report from The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Kieffer was arrested and returned to custody this week just six days after his release.

Kieffer Delp Mugshot 2020

Apparently, Kieffer was on "supervised release," which likely meant he was not allowed to leave the state of Pennsylvania.

However, less that a week after being freed, he decided to pay a visit to his home state of New Jersey.

He was picked up by police in the Garden State in the town of Salem, and it seems he’s once again behind bars.

No word yet on how Jenelle feels about this latest development — of course, Kieffer was free for such a short period of time, it’s unclear if she even knew he had been released!