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Jenelle Evans has reunited with her oldest child.

The only question now is:

For how long will this reunion last?

Jenelle Evans and Jace in a Car

On Saturday, the former Teen Mom 2 star posted a boomerang with Jace in her car, as mother and son both held up the peace sign.

Evans didn’t include any other message along with the above photo, but it’s hard not to imagine she was sending some sort of message to her mother, Barbara.

Jenelle shared this snapshot just says after legal paperwork she filed back in late Januay went public.

In documents obtained by The Sun, Evans blasted her mom — who has had custody of Jace almost since he was born — as being unable to care for the 11-year old, detailing numerous examples of his out-of-control behavior.

Photo via Instagram

The disgraced reality star claimed in these papers that Jace is “at risk of bodily injury” in the care of his grandmother, saying he has "increasingly worse behavior problems that cause him to be physically aggressive, out of control and unsafe."

Evans made this allegation two weeks after telling the world she had regained custody of Jace.

She had NOT, of course.

She and Barbara had simply agreed that Jace could spend more time at the home of his mother… an agreement Barbara then went back on after Jenelle slammed her on social media.

Jenelle Evans and Her Son, Jace

In her filing, meanwhile, Jenelle cited an incident that she says took place on December 19, 2020.

“The minor child physically assaulted [Barbara] twice causing injury to [Barbara.] The Minor child also burned the carpet because he was angry with [Barbara]," reads a section of this filing.

Additionally, the paperwork states, “the minor child has a history of starting fires in the home of [Barbara].”

Crazy, right? And scary AF.

Jenelle Evans, Mom and Son
Photo via Instagram

The mother of three went on to claim Barbara told her she “cannot control the minor child’s behaviors," hence why she started to drop Jace frequently at Jenelle’s house in early 2021.

Barbara was even instructed by a health care provider “multiple times” to call a crisis hotline or go to the Emergency Department if Jace’s “aggression escalates,” Jenelle alleged in the filing.

Instead, ironically, Barbara reached out to Evans for assistance with Jace.

And now Evans is basically blaming Barbara for reaching out to her at the time… as opposed to a professional.

Jenelle With Jace on Snapchat
Photo via Instagram

Jenelle told the court in January that Jace stayed with her for about a month after the previously-outlined fire-setting, stating that his behavior “improves substantially” in her care and that they “do not struggle with conflict or aggression.”

She has asked that previous custody orders be considered “null and void” and that Barbara be held in contempt for violating their June 2017 custody order — a violation that could result in a fine or jail time for Barbara.

Wrote Jenelle’s legal team of Barb and Jace:

“It is not safe or healthy for the minor child to remain in the custody of [Barbara] as [Barbara] is not properly treating the minor child’s mental health or managing his behaviors.”

Babs and Jace
Photo via Instagram

The whole thing is a huge and ugly mess.

A judge has set a hearing for some time later this year, during which the subject of Jace’s custody will be decided one way or the other.

In the meantime, Jenelle has been accused if mistreating her younger son.

Because of course she has.