Jenelle Evans Accused of Mistreating Son Kaiser Following Shocking TikTok Video

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Even though she openly despises every other social media platform, Jenelle Evans loves TikTok.

We have our theories about why that is.

TikTok users tend to be younger than folks on Instagram and Twitter, which means they're less likely to remember all of the terrible things Jenelle has done over the course of her "career."

Yay for Kaiser

Jenelle's past is full of bigotry and child neglect and animal abuse, so it makes sense that she would prefer to create content for an audience of teens who are only vaguely aware of these atrocities.

But Jenelle has two things working against her in that regard:

1. Teen Mom 2 is on Netflix now, which means that younger viewers can go back and relive Jenelle's reign of terror.

Jenelle Is Injured

2. Jenelle is still horrible, and she still does horrible things, which means it's only a matter of time before her new followers learn the hard way that they've been watching dance videos posted by a truly monstrous human.

The latest Jenelle-related TikTok scandal actually originated on someone else's account, and it's extremely tame by Jenelle standards.

But hilariously, this mini-controversy seems to have alerted a lot of people to the fact that Jenelle is not the Mom of the Year candidate she makes herself out to be.

Jenelle and Kaiser In Kidnergarten

The trouble began when Jenelle's baby daddy Nathan Griffith posted a video in which their son Kaiser flips the middle finger to the camera.

Commenters didn't find the sight of a 6-year-old flipping the bird quite as hilarious as Nathan did, and they were quick to make their feelings known.

"I just saw this. Makes me super sad, he's a kid, he shouldn't even know that's a 'bad finger,'" one person wrote.

Nathan and Kaiser Being Tough

"Does not surprise me at all. Poor Kaiser!" another added.

"Kid stands no chance. It's absolutely heartbreaking," while a seventh one commented: "Why does everyone use Kaiser? This is sad," a third chimed in,

Several commenters reported that they went to Nathan's TikTok in search of the clip, but found that it had been removed.

Kaiser at Rest

It remains unclear if the video was deleted by Nathan or by the site's administrators.

"I don't see it. Hopefully TikTok took it down!" one person wrote.

"Oh gosh. I just spent way too much time on Nathan's Tikok ... cringe city. Also legit disturbing. Poor kid," another added.

Kaiser With Blue Hair

Obviously, Nathan is the parent to blame for this one, but the situation brought up memories of Jenelle's many, many parenting fails.

After all, when CPS took Evans' kids away, they didn't do it because their home life was just too stable, healthy, and awesome.

Jenelle is a bad enough parent on her own, but she gets a world of help in that department from her abusive, racist husband, David Eason.

Celebrating Jace

But today it's Nathan's turn to make a case for himself as the worst dad on TikTok.

The video of Kaiser giving the finger led many users to remark on the many times when Nathan posted inappropriate content involving the boy.

One such incident was the time that Eason took Kaiser to Hooters and posted photos in which he joked about the kid's response to the wait staff.

Nathan Griffith & Kaiser Image

"Um... Kaiser said this was his favorite restaurant I wonder why," he captioned a picture of a smiling Kaiser, adding the caption:


Now, a guy in his thirties snapping pics at Hooters is gross enough, but getting his 6-year-old son in on the act is even nastier.

We'd encourage Nathan to do better, but we're pretty sure he's incapable.

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