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All season long, 90 Day Fiance fans have been fairly adamant that Andrew Kenton is a villain.

We have thoroughly explored the saga of Andrew and Amira as they continue to blame each other.

At the end of Part 1 of the Tell All, tension build up for an explosion between the two of them.

But Andrew isn’t leaving things to chance … and dumped his side of the story on Instagram for all to see.

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At the end of the Tell All, Amira Lollysa finally tuned in via a livestream.

While Tarik and Hazel had to tune in because of COVID exposure, Amira did so because she’s back in France.

And the first thing that we saw her announce was that she won’t let Andrew control her anymore.

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"Ever again" were her exact words, apparently fearful of his manipulation tactics.

She asked that he not be present while she says what she has to say.

Production decided to respect that, and a producer asked Andrew to step aside temporarily.

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Andrew was shocked, outraged, and then vocally furious at being asked to do this.

Instead of just going backstage for a moment to return minutes later, he stormed off of the stage.

His intention, it seemed, was to leave in a huff.

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Of course, Andrew’s plan didn’t quite come out that way.

Instead of leaving with some shred of dignity intact, he had to turn around.

He asked — possibly directing his question to Shaun Robinson — if he could get a ride back to his hotel.

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So, yes, that was a mess.

However, Andrew knew that this would air — after the Tell All reportedly taped back in February.

With that in mind, he decided to drop some alleged receipts on Instagram, as you can see here.

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As you can see in this screenshot preserved by the 90shotzfired Instagram account, Andrew shared alleged texts.

We’ve seen pieces of his messages with Amira before.

Now, we’re seeing his alleged texts with production while they were filming.

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"Amira is saying she won’t film anymore and the only reason I am filming is for her," Andrew wrote.

"She sent [redacted] an email about payment or something," he explained in a text.

"She apparently got some agent in Serbia," Andrew claimed. "It’s all madness to me."

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Screenshots like these can easily be fabricated, but they show the alleged response of a producer.

"When things get worked we still need to shoot this stuff and we can’t do this any other day as she comes tomorrow," they replied.

The producer then allegedly texted: "Then we fake things which I know you don’t like [sic] not do we :)"

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Additionally, Andrew has also revealed that the reason that he got a massage in Puerto Vallarta was not for funsies.

Instead, production simply filmed him getting one without providing any context whatsoever.

This typical editing trick masked the fact that Andrew had been injured while ATV riding, and the massages were to treat that injury.

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Of course … Andrew wouldn’t have had an ATV injury if he hadn’t been riding one by himself in Puerto Vallarta.

The massage can be explained away.

Fans still do not understand why he chose to have a solo vacation after Amira’s detention and deportation.

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On that same note, many fans are willing — even eager — to believe that Amira just wanted or mostly wanted fame.

(Remember, no adult signs up for reality TV without wanting on some level to be famous)

But even if that is true … can any of that even begin to explain Andrew’s own messages and statements?

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Also, Andrew spilling the receipts of what he texted to production doesn’t close the case.

Even if the texts are real (and let’s say that they are), that just proves that he told production that Amira was demanding money.

There is a lot that we don’t know or understand about these two. Every couple has room for two villains.