Julia Trubkina Skewered by 90 Day Fiance Fans Over Judgmental Tell All Comments

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Throughout Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance, Julia Trubkina was a fan favorite.

She's funny, her story is sympathetic, she's beautiful, and in many ways she was very relatable.

But attitudes changed dramatically with some of Julia's comments at the Tell All.

Did 90 Day Fiance give Julia a flattering edit to trick fans into liking her?

Julia Trubkina reveals she is partially at fault for living situation

Julia had an uphill battle all season long, struggling with Betty, with Ron, and even with Brandon.

Betty and Ron laid down disrespectful, inexcusable "house rules."

And, as later revealed was to take on some of Brandon's farm labor, Julia had to feed animals.

Julia Trubkina and Brandon Gibbs Are Married!

Julia didn't come here to be a farmhand, and Brandon already had a full time job.

This made her in-laws the bad guys.

More than once, Brandon did Julia dirty -- like not warning her about their sleeping arrangements.

Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina at the Beach

Even so, the two of them were married, and fans were happy for them.

Their nuptials were heartwarming, especially under the grim pandemic circumstances.

And fans had been charmed all season by Julia's positive attitude and great sense of humor.

Julia Trubkina Says "Thank You So Much. We Go Home, Take Care Animals"

Then came the Tell All, a time for the stars to stand up for and sometimes even redeem themselves.

Somehow, Julia managed to do the opposite.

For a perplexing reason, she chose to be intensely judgmental of anyone getting cosmetic work done.

Julia Trubkina - if you want look better just go gym club

Sometimes people have private thoughts that are, well, bad, and the good sense to not share them.

Not Julia, who shared her judgmental and frankly unscientific point of view repeatedly.

Exercise cannot get rid of wrinkles, cannot absorb excess skin, and in many cases, has its limits for weight loss alone.

Julia Trubkina - people just like more lazy

Exercise also cannot give someone a nose that they want to see or make many other changes.

Even after being called out by others, including her friend Yara Zaya, Julia continued.

She condemned people making these choices about their bodies as "lazy" and objected that it's "not natural."

Julia Trubkina - this is not natural for body

Death, cancer, and aging are all natural.

That doesn't make them desirable, or unnatural things bad.

Unfortunately, the months since the Tell All was filmed haven't softened her tone.

Julia Trubkina IG - why she'll never need cosmetic surgery

Julia doubled down on her claims, clapping back at fans after the Tell All Part 1.

She said that no, she'll never get work done, because her mom hasn't.

That's just fine ... but the core issue was her being judgmental. Julia's body is her choice.

Julia Trubkina with Flowers

At the Tell All Part 2, Julia started off fine (and had some genuinely good moments).

Then she seemed bewildered and possibly even scandalized in a surprisingly naive way.

She was not the only one who was inappropriately judgmental of Tarik and Hazel's polyamorous throuple goals.

Julia Trubkina - all together three have sex?

Simple naivete is surprising, but fine, and maybe understandable from someone from Russia.

Despite her history of working at nightclubs, Russia has a very different (read: worse) culture about sex.

However, Julia appeared to be visibly judgmental of Tarik and Hazel. That's not okay.

Julia Trubkina is visibly judgmental once again

Things got even weirder when the discussion turned to Mike and Natalie.

Julia, alongside Yara and even Rebecca, was flat out wrong about friendships between men and women.

Unlike Yara, who spoke only of her personal preference, Julia spoke boldly of men and women never needing to be friends.

Julia Trubkina - woman and man be friend

It may be that more of Julia's previously hidden dark side will come out on Happily Ever After?

We don't know if she's going to body-shame or surgery-shame anyone.

But certainly, the teaser makes it clear that she'll take issue with Brandon's friend being a girl.

HEA Season 6 tease - Julia Trubkina feels excluded

Whether that's an insecurity or a cultural difference, it's something that Julia needs to outgrow.

In the mean time, did none of this weird, judgmental side of Julia really come up on her season (except in Episode 2)?

Or did the network give her a flattering edit because it made for a better narrative and, hey, they liked her?

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