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As you may have heard, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are headed for a divorce.

As you also may have heard, the split has been very amicable so far, with neither the reality star nor the rapper stirring up much controversy or contesting very much within the legal universe of the break-up.

Because each side respects the other and still has love for the other and wants to remain friendly for the sake of their kids?


Yesus and Kim

But it also sounds like Kanye isn’t causing any problems for one of two reasons:

  1. He doesn’t care at all about the divorce.
  2. He still doesn’t think it will actually happen.

Based on semi-conflicting reports, West isn’t sweating Kim’s divorce filing at the moment.

According to The Sun, for example, Kanye is basically a walking shrug emoji when it comes to the end of his seven-year marriage.

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"Kanye seems to have had very little reaction to Kim filing for divorce. In fact, he’s just focusing on work and his new music," an insider tells this newspaper.

"Every day she’s waited for a sign, something that would mean ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘I’m willing to change.’

Instead, Kim’s finally beginning to feel it doesn’t matter what she says, or how beautiful she is, or what an incredible mother she is, Kanye isn’t willing to change and her plan has definitely failed."

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The plan, this source implies, was to jolt Kanye out of his selfish stupor; to make him realize that if he can’t acting like a narcissistic madman, that she would leave him.

The thing is, Kanye West is a narcissistic madman.

And it sounds like Kim is only just learning this.

Kim Kardashian with Ye
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Adds The Sun:

"This last year of their marriage has been terribly challenging, and this move which was meant to be an eye opener for Kanye has instead been an eye opener for Kim.

"Once again, she’s trying to come to terms with the fact that it’s over."

Apparently she thinks that sleeping with Drake may help.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in Good Ole Days
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On the flip side, Hollywood Life agrees that Kanye is laying low and going along with all of Kardashian’s divorce demands.

But not because he doesn’t care.

But because he doesn’t believe his estranged wife will go through with the legal dissolution of their relationship.

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“He’s doing fine, though, despite everything,” this website insider explains.

“He really doesn’t believe that Kim is actually going to end their marriage.

"Kanye sees this as a move in a chess game which is why he hasn’t reacted or done anything.

"He seems to have no plans of filing a response anytime soon, either. Her whole family is stunned."

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Kim is living these days in Calabasas with her four kids, while Kanye mostly remains on his ranch in Wyoming.

There has been speculation of this split for months long before Kim finally made the move about two months ago.

Late last week, Kris Jenner broke her silence on the divorce, saying very broadly:

"The good thing about our family is that we are there for each other and supportive and we love each other very, very much so all I want is for those two kids to be happy.

"And I want the kids to be happy. That’s the goal."”