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It’s really a shame that Keeping Up With the Kardashians is coming to an end.

Because Kim Kardashian’s life is looking more and more like a soap opera by the day.

When it was first revealed that Kim had filed for divorce from Kanye West, insiders stunned the world by claiming that the negotiations have been drama-free, and both parties are eager to work out an amicable co-parenting relationship.

But if today’s news is accurate, we’re guessing Kanye won’t be feeling quite so civil for much longer.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in 2018

You may remember the July incident in which Kanye accused Kim of cheating on her with the rapper Meek Mill.

Now, it looks as though Yeezy might have been worried about the wrong artist.

According to a new report from The Sun, Drake is "ready" to pursue a romantic relationship with Kim now that her marriage has come to an end.

Drake-Kim, Kanye

A source tells the tabloid that Drizzy reached out to Kim shortly after he learned of the split, and he’s "confident" that they’ll see each other soon.

"Drake could never understand what Kim saw in Kanye – he was saying for years how he wasn’t the right guy for Kim and it would all end in tears," one insider says.

"He was surprised it took her so long to realise, and started messaging her the moment it became clear that the divorce was inevitable," the source adds.

Drake in 2016
Photo via Getty

"He’s ready to see her whenever she says the word, basically, and he’s confident that will happen fairly soon."

Sounds like a stretch, right?

After all, we’re sure Drake has plenty of women in his life, and the last thing he needs is the drama that would accompany hooking up with one of the most famous women on the planet, who happens to still be married to a friend and colleague of his.

See Ya, Kanye!
Photo via Getty Images for The Mark Hotel

But at the same time, Drake is more than a little obsessed with the idea of forming a power couple with a mega-famous partner (see his ill-fated romance with Rihanna), and he’s rapped about his desire to bone Kim on numerous occasions.

In fact, many listeners believe that Drake’s new track "Wants and Needs" contains a line in which Drake references the long-standing rumor that he and Kim have already hooked up.

"Yeah, I probably go link to Yeezy I need me some Jesus. But as soon as I start confessin’ my sins, he wouldn’t believe us," the Canadian crooner raps.

Drake at Film Festival
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Back in 2018, a Kanye-Drake feud made tabloid headlines and briefly got very ugly.

Other rappers spread the rumor that Kim had slept with Drake, while Drake suspected Kanye of telling rival Pusha T about his illegitimate son.

The beef was squashed shortly thereafter, and Kanye was reportedly satisfied that there had been no illicit romance between his wife and his former collaborator.

Now that Kim is back on the market, however, all bets are off — and it sounds like Drake is eager to help the mother of four celebrate her newfound single-hood.