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We know Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are getting divorced.

We’ve known this for just over a week now.

But WHY are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West getting divorced?

This has been a constant topic of debate… that finally has an answer.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in 2018

The Sun has obtained Kim’s official divorce documents, which she filed earlier this month in February.

As you can read for yourself below, these papers very clearly state the reason for this split as follows: Irreconcilable differences.

Now, yes, we know… that isn’t very helpful.

This is the very broad and vague reason listed for most divorces out there.

It would have been nice if Kim had instead listed her basis for the break-up as My Husband is a Loon Who Often Spills Personal Secrets in Public and Who Has Been Severely Damaging My Brand for Months Now.

But we didn’t really expect that to happen, you know?

These documents further confirm what we previously reported, too, that Kim is seeking joint physical legal custody of the ex-couple’s four kids:

North, seven, Saint, five, Chicago, three, and Psalm, one.

Moreover, Ray J’s former sex tape partner has requested that both her and Kanye’s ability to award spousal support be terminated.

Insiders have said over the past several days that the divorce is thus far going along smoothly; Kanye has not yet contested any of Kim’s demands or requests.

This doesn’t come as a major surprise once you consider that the split has been close to a year in the making.

We started writing about Kimye divorce rumblings way back in the summer of 2020 — back when West was running for President and saying wildly inappropriate things on the campaign trail.

See Ya, Kanye!

There is reportedly a pre-nuptial agreement in place and both sides are already hammering out a property settlement deal.

It sounds very much as if both Kardashian and West want these legal proceedings over with as quickly as possible.

The superstars got married in 2014, but have been on different paths for awhile now.

While Kardashian is shifting her focus to serious societal issues such as criminal justice reform, Kanye is spouting nonsense about slavery and supporting Donald Trump.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Throwback

"Kim had visited the idea of divorce so many times that she already had the paperwork drawn-up and ready to go, when she finally actually filed," writes The Sun.

"The move came as a bit of a surprise to her family because they know how much she loves Kanye and knew she didn’t really want to go through with it.

"They all knew she felt she had no choice."

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Outside

Neither Kim nor Kanye has commented on the divorce yet, but every reliable outlet has confirmed the news and we’re all now just waiting on it to be made official.

Added The Sun insider:

"Friends have been told that the final straw came when Kim and Kanye were making family summer plans and they couldn’t agree.

"What seemed like nothing more than a simple conversation over dates and locations escalated, and sadly it turned into a huge blowout argument.

"The final fight that ended their marriage was over nothing more than summer plans. It was one blowout fight that wasn’t even that serious and it pushed Kim over the edge."