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Exciting news from one of Instagram’s most popular stars!

After two years of dating and a whole lot of coupled-up selfies, Bella Thorne and Benjamin Mascolo are engaged!

The happy couple made the news official with an announcement over the weekend.

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Benjamin — who is a well-known pop star in his native Italy — shared the photo above along with a seriously ecstatic caption:

“She said YES!” he wrote.

“Thank you for being amazing baby. I love you so much. Yayyy we’re getting married. Celebration in Italy and America both."

Photo via Instagram

Yes, Mascolo is promising two weddings on two different continents.

We can’t think of a better way to celebrate getting married in a post-Covid world!

“Yessss. I love you so much. Now give me a kiss,” Thorne replied to Mascolo’s ultra-enthusiastic post.

Photo via Instagram

Bella first revealed that she and Benjamin were dating back in April of 2019 shortly after she was photographed in public with Mascolo.

“If I’m not saying something then I have to go out of my way to hide it," she said at the time.

“Because no matter what, paparazzi stalk me and fans find out so then I have to go out of my way to hide something.

Photo via Instagram

Well, the unwanted attention from paparazzi hasn’t let up,

But thankfully, it didn’t stop Bella and Ben’s relationship from flourishing.

The couple has yet to set a date (or if they have, it seems they’re keeping that information to themselves), but based on their excitement, we’re guessing they’ll be tying the knot as soon as possible.

Photo via Instagram

Bella is just 23, but she’s been in the spotlight longer than most celebs twice her age.

As a result, she’s no stranger to publicity — both good and bad.

Last year, Thorne joined OnlyFans, a decision that turned out to be surprisingly controversial.

Photo via Instagram

The only surprising thing about the controversy was that it was not because of the risque content Bella posts on the site.

Longtime users accused Bella of "ruining" OnlyFans by diverting funds away from accounts run by sex workers who rely on the site as their sole means of support.

Worse, the mass refunds demanded by her subscribers led to site-wide changes that hurt other creators.

Photo via Instagram

Thorne later apologized for making life more difficult for struggling sex workers during a pandemic.

(Of course, it’s easy to apologize when you’ve already raked in seven figures in just a few days)

Since then she appears to have worked out an arrangement that allows her to continue posting premium content without taking subscription dollars away from non-celebs.

Photo via Instagram

Of course, Bella’s love life has always attracted more attention than her business ventures.

Back in 2019, Bella broke up with Mod Sun afer two years of dating.

The couple experienced many ups and downs, and at one point, they welcomed You Tuber Tana Mongeau into their relarionship.

Photo via Instagram

Thorne and Mongeau eventually fell out.

Sadly, the two wound up lashing out at one another in a very public feud.

And things got even messier.

Photo via Instagram

Sun later called the cops on Thorne at his house.

This happened when she was retrieving some of her belongings from his home following the breakup.

Like we said … messy.

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But all of that is in the past.

And those who know Thorne best say the actress has never been happier.

We wish Bella and Benjamin all the best!