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Jenelle Evans is moving forward in her life.

Both professionally and personally, the former Teen Mom 2 star says.

Making the media rounds this week, Evans has been promoting her brand new podcast — which debuts on Thursday, April 1 — while also answering questions about the state of her marriage.

Jenelle Evans in Weird Hat

That’s a difficult topic to avoid when you consider all Jenelle and husband David Eason have gone through.

“We communicate a lot better, so we tell each other how we’re feeling,” Evans told In Touch when asked how things are going with Eason these days.

"I think we both take that into consideration now, whereas before we were kind of ignoring each other.”

Yes. And whereas before… Eason was getting drunk and breaking Jenelle’s collarbone.

Jenelle Evans Weight Loss Photo

We’re not trying to be crass here.

That definitely happened is all, by Jenelle’s own account in a 911 call, and it’s important to remember.


For many obvious reasons, but at least partially because Jenelle said in a separate interview this week that her podcast will focus on female empowerment.

Jenelle is Cute

“Nothing’s off limits,” Jenelle told Us Weekly of the endeavor. “We want to build women up, and empower women. That’s like one of the main focuses we have.”

Based on a few TikTok posts, it looks as if 90 Day Fiance star Deavan Clegg will be prominently involved in the podcast, while Kat Stuckey (a blogger), Chae Desara (an influencer) and Gabrielle Egan (a video creator) have also been promoting it online.

Sounds… interesting?

We guess?

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“Basically, it’s going to be a girls group podcast. It’s going to be very diverse," Jenelle added.

"We got influencers from all different platforms — TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, you name it."

“I think it’s gonna be really fun because we’re gonna bring any topic to the table, unfiltered opinions, and we’re just gonna have conversations.”

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Evans certainly has a lot she can talk about.

Remember when Eason shot and killed her dog?

Remember when she announced she was leaving him?

Remember when she moved moved to Nashville to get away from him?

Jenelle Selfie Alert

“I thought maybe it was best if I just moved away from everything that happened because I had so many bad memories that I just wanted to get away,” she explained to In Touch of this decision, noting she moved back to North Carolina in 2020.

“And now I feel so much better being at home, starting fresh.

"We get along so much better now I feel like than we ever have before.”

There are young children living at home with Jenelle and David, so we very much hope this is true.

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Not all of Jenelle’s young children are living with her, however.

Son Jace remains in the custody of Jenelle’s mother, Barbara, due to Evans’ history of drug use and generally inappropriate dangerous/inappropriate/ridiculous behavior.

We’ll likely hear more about this on the podcast, but Jenelle isn’t psyched about the arrangement right now.

“You know, him and my mom keep butting heads so much that it’s just, they’re toxic to each other,” told added to In Touch.

Jenelle and Barbara at Christmas

Evans says she and her mom are not talking at right now.

"Our custody agreement is the same as it’s always been since 2017, which is I get him every other weekend,” she says..

“And I get him for his two-week school breaks and again for the summer. So, it’s the same, but I have filed to go back to court and it’s all private though.

"So, nobody will know details."

Oh. Then we guess we won’t be hearing about it on the podcast.