Deavan Clegg Besieged by Trolls Over Photoshop Fail

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It's normal to like or dislike some 90 Day Fiance stars more than others. That's how life works.

But there are a few people who seem to want to destroy Deavan Clegg.

One of her most recent photos is getting an avalanche of hate.

Trolls don't need an excuse, but Deavan's photoshop fail made the perfect target.

Deavan Clegg with Vibrant Eyes

90 Day Fiance pays its stars a notoriously low amount.

However, there are real benefits to appearing on the most popular non-competition reality show on TV.

One of those benefits is that the stars can use their fame to make money.

Deavan Clegg Shows Off Freshly Plumped Lips

That is how Deavan Clegg came to advertise a product by the brand, Light By Elux.

It's one of those very popular LED lighting products ideal for people who find bright, overhead lights hideous.

But commenters and trolls had less to say about the product and more to say about Deavan after seeing this photo: 

Deavan Clegg Advertises Lights

If your'e seeing what she's seeing, she doesn't want to hear it. Deavan's Instagram is currently set to private. Commenting is off.

(That is more than understandable, given the outrageous waves of vitriol that target her every single day)

However, critics and trolls still managed to comment on the ad elsewhere on social media.

Deavan Clegg Reflects

“Lol she makes everything look cheap and fake,” one commenter accused.

“One arm is different." another noted. "I guess better than [Brittany Banks] who forgot about her arm.”

Another commenter wrote: “Does she forget we saw her on tv and know she doesn’t look like this??”

Deavan Clegg Breaks into Tears

Deavan has actually addressed how she looked for some of her on-screen appearances.

Notably, the mother of two was in a state of exhaustion following her flight around the world.

Even after, she was riddled with constant stress after discovering how Jihoon had lied to her to trick her into moving.

Deavan Clegg is BACK

So Deavan did acknowledge to fans that she had not looked her best or thought much about her appearance during filming.

She had been wondering about her entire future and her relationship, almost forgetting that she was on camera.

It's normal that she would do her makeup a little more for an Instagram ad when she is not in that sort of situation.

Deavan Clegg Snaps a Crop Top Selfie

Using filters, airbrushing, and even straightup photoshop are part of an epidemic on social media right now.

Why? Because there is so much pressure to "casually" look one's best at all times, even while most of us are at home and go weeks without wearing pants.

It's kind of funny when you notice a photoshop fail, but that's about it -- it's all too common, but not malicious.

Deavan Clegg in Hair Extensions

None of this seems particularly unusual for reality stars.

They tweak a photo, fans point it out, everybody laughs, and they move on.

So why is the tone so much worse when it comes to Deavan?

Deavan Clegg and a Winter Landscape

The first reason is just that 90 Day Fiance has a misogyny problem.

This is not a secret or a surprise for anyone following the broader audience response to the stars.

There's also racism and xenophobia, but the misogyny is more pervasive in this fandom.

Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee for 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 2

But in Deavan's case, 90 Day Fiance fakery is also to blame.

Deavan was actually reasonably well-liked and viewed in a sympathetic light ... until she suddenly wasn't.

That was after editors spliced two separate scenes together to make it appear that Deavan and Elicia were being "unfair" to Jihoon.

Deavan Clegg Holds Baby Taeyang in Utah

From that moment forward, in too many fans' eyes, Deavan could do no right.

Suddenly, though nothing about Jihoon had changed, he wasn't seen as a lying, jobless loser but as a veritable saint for "putting up with" Deavan.

To our horror, that attitude did not change even when fans learned the horrifying accusations of child-abuse against Jihoon.

Deavan Clegg unveils her bridal gown look

Deavan has gotten death threats, saw a crowdfunding campaign rise up against her, and more.

No amount of time in the spotlight, let alone basically a year, is worth that.

It's normally fun to have a chuckle over a photoshop fail but, at the moment, doesn't it feel a little too much like punching down?

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