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Jenelle Evans isn’t all that great at maintaining relationships.

She’s actually remarkably terrible at it.

Jenelle Evans in Weird Hat

It’s sort of been a whole thing for pretty much the entire time she’s been in the spotlight.

Like, she’s had an on-again, off-again relationship with her own mother for years.

It’s not great.

When it comes to the rest of the Teen Mom crew, it’s the same story — she used to be close with some cast members, but now she’s actively awful towards most of them.

Jenelle Evans Video Still

We all know the story about how she was once close enough to Kailyn Lowry that Kailyn bailed her out of jail, and this was back when they weren’t making hundreds of thousands of dollars per season.

Jenelle never paid her back, their friendship soured, then she leaked the news that Kail was pregnant with Lux.

She frequently says shady things about Leah Messer and Chelsea Houska, too.

For a long time, it seemed like the only person in the entire Teen Mom universe that she got along with was Briana DeJesus.

Jenelle Evans and Briana DeJesus

But now?

Yep, that’s done too.

To be fair, their friendship had been waning for a while — they haven’t hung out in a long time, obviously, but they’ve said that they’ve kept up with each other on social media.

However, Jenelle recently unfollowed Briana on social media, so it seems like the last thing they had connecting them to each other is gone.

Jenelle crying again

And it’s all because she was just too darn jealous of Briana.

OK, so Jenelle just did an interview with Us Weekly to promote her new podcast, and during the interview she was asked about her relationship with her former Teen Mom 2 costars and whether or not we could expect any of them to make an appearance on the podcast.

She said that she had "some ideas" about reaching out to certain cast members, which will definitely be interesting to see.

She also said "I feel like I don’t have bad blood with anybody, but I’m, you know, keeping things civil, not really talking to anybody."

Jenelle Selfie Alert

How hilarious is it that she doesn’t think she has bad blood with anyone from the show?

Remember that time Kailyn sent her a package of her hair care products and Jenelle set it on fire and posted a video of it on Instagram and then later called her fat?

Does she think those are just normal things that people with no bad blood do to their co-workers?

Back in the interview, Jenelle said that she actually changed her phone number about six months ago, so she hasn’t had any contact with anyone from the show for a while.

Jenelle Evans YouTube Image

"I used to follow Briana and she used to follow me on Instagram," she added. "I unfollowed her recently because seeing her film with the crew makes me upset."

She started choking up at this point, and she clarified that she had "no hard feelings" towards Briana, but then she started full-on crying.

"They were like family," she explained through tears. "It’s just hard to be part of something when people replace you and you were the original one that helped start that show, and it’s hard to be let go from something that you put so much work into."

She was asked if she felt like the firing came at a time when she really needed the support from the crew, and she answered "Yeah, definitely."

Jenelle on Teen Mom, Too

"That’s why I felt like it was important to continue to film my story and share it on YouTube because I feel like I need to catch people up and show them the true me, and that I wasn’t completely a horrible person when we stopped filming."

There’s a lot to unpack there, huh?

On one hand, it’s sort of sad to hear her so upset about what happened and to know that she’s still so bothered by it all that she feels like she can’t even follow Briana on Instagram.

On the other hand, she was let go from Teen Mom 2 for choices that she made, and those choices clearly had some pretty big consequences, which is just how things work.

Do you feel bad for Jenelle?