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This is weird, you guys.

There’s really no other way to put it.

Have we often wondered what’s going on with various Duggars, considering this conservative family doesn’t allow its female members to wear pants and bans everyone from even kissing their significant others until marriage?


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But the ongoing case of Jedidiah Duggar and his alleged fiancee, Katey Nakatsu, is different.

Not only are these two supposedly getting married… they are supposedly getting married VERY soon.

We suspect this due to the investigative skills of some astute social media users who tracked down Duggar and Nakatsu’s wedding invitation online.

Except the invitation reads nothing like past Duggar wedding invitations; plus, the Jed’s relatives have said nothing at all about these upcoming nuptials. 

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So there’s a red flag.

Then, as previously reported, a video that purports to depict Duggar proposing to Nakatsu has gone viral.

This is where we’ve grabbed the screen shot above and below from.

The very awkward footage was eventually removed, but not before it was captured by Katie Joy of the Without a Crystal Ball vlog.

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Originally posted on the Nakatsu Family blog, more red flags pop up all over the place upon viewing this video.


For starters, Jed and Katey can be heard reciting what sound like vows to one another, although some listeners interpreted the words exchanged to be more along the lines of an agreement.

Like, a contractual agreement.

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This brings us to a post on the Nakatsu Family blog titled “Biblical Betrothal.” (Try to follow along here, okay?)

The post itself is password protected.

However, betrothal ceremonies are something that originated in the early years of the Catholic church that were “more rooted in the social and economic commitments of marriage between families.”

Essentially, betrothal ceremonies were considered contracts where families entered into an agreement with one another before God that couldn’t be broken.

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According to Brides magazine, this betrothal thing is NOT akin to an engagement, which shows an intention to marry… while a betrothal ceremony requires a couple to commit to marriage.

What does all this mean for Jed and Katey’s romantic future?

In short, we don’t know.

But it’s extremely bizarre that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar haven’t said a word about the alleged engagement, especially when you think back to all the ways they’ve publicized their kids’ courtships in the past.

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This said, Jed’s best friend, Tristan Miller, revealed on Monday that Duggar and Nakatsu are, indeed, planning to tie the knot in a couple of weeks.

“I can’t believe my bestfriend is getting married soon 2 weeks from now love you Jed,” Tristan wrote on Instagram two days ago, confirming that he’ll be in his pal’s wedding party.

Based on what we’ve heard, the wedding date is set for April 3.

Which is the day before Easter.

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Would a Duggar really get married right before the holiest day of the year?

Again, it seems questionable, right?

Like we said at the outset of this article, this is all just so very weird.